059 – Julie Chan and Rob Sanchez – Finding What You Want In a Relationship

Rob Sanchez and Julie Chan

In her first show back after giving birth to her son Jonathan, Julie Chan invites her husband Rob Sanchez into the studio to discuss the story of the path of their relationship, how they almost didn’t have one, why they are the only people they’ve ever had a long-term relationship with, and going after what you want…

Rob Sanchez (CEO, Mouth Media Network) joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios, powered by Sennheiser. The two explore a new format to ask questions of each other, and sharing what they’ve learned in order to empower others

In this episode:

  • Being on a similar spiritual path for 14 years
  • How Rob grew up in fundamentalist Christian family, very spiritual, dealing with things he didn’t understand, being on the Autism spectrum but how he didn’t understand at that time
  • Rob going into college, wanted to find someone who was a match spiritually and emotionally
  • How Rob wanted to be in a relationship that was meaningful but filtering it in the way he was brought up
  • Rob met Julie but she didn’t match what he thought he was looking for related to spiritual and structural ways, but felt like he was supposed to be with her – which was a lot of deep thinking for a college student
  • Pivotal moments in Rob’s life, afraid of everything and living a small life, how he decided in one moment in high school to sign up to run for class office as a way to do something drastic to move forward, started tackling fears such as swimming, and how the first time he swam a full lap was in a competition
  • How it is much easier to make a decision and stick with it than to change decision later
  • How Rob made decision earlier on never to take drugs or drink, and to only be intimate with someone he was supposed to be with
  • Deciding who Rob will be in the world, creating a framework to exist in and go from there
  • Full ideas popping into his head all Rob’s life, claircognizance
  • When the struggle is not making a decision
  • The first time Julie noticed Rob was at a launch party, when Rob refused to accept an alcoholic drink , thus giving Julie an epiphany
  • Being clear what Julie wanted in a relationship
  • Having stereotypes in mind
  • How the beginning of their relationship very awkward, and how technology created a neutral ground with one as an introvert and one on the autism spectrum
  • Going for it if interested in something, especially if you don’t have anything to lose
  • How Rob knew if he had a relationship with Julie he would marry her, thus initially hesitating
  • Why Julie asked Rob to a dance and he said no began a relationship
  • Being clear with what she wanted, being open and tell other people, and putting herself out there and accepting the consequences without letting rejection hurt you
  • The energy of looking vs. the energy of having or finding, being focused on the lacking of something
  • The difference between being happy and then getting married vs. getting married to be happy, band aids for being happy, not depending on another person in order to be happy
  • Rob introduced Julie on the book of the law of attraction, Rob was more open to spirituality, what experience would come he would explore it fully
  • Forming a worldview that everything was the same
  • Developing a very deep relationship with books
  • Discovering books, and an encounter with an author while doing yoga at the top of a mountain, both of which that set Julie on a path
  • A moment of alignment and  realization at The Grand Canyon

001 – Julie Chan, Anna Yusim, Kristy Sundjaja and Rob Sanchez – New Beginnings

Stories of spiritual awakenings and life purpose transformations…

The first episode of “All Possibilities” was recorded in front of a live audience, with panelists sharing their personal stories of transformational journeys and spiritual awakenings. The panelists include host Julie Chan (Founder of Being My Purpose (bio)), along with Anna Yusim (a New York City psychiatrist and author (bio)), Kristy Sundjaja (Chief of Staff to Founder & CEO of LivePerson (bio)) and Chan’s husband Rob Sanchez (COO of MouthMedia Network (bio)), who stands in as host. Recorded on location at Interface NYC.

Yusim shares her journey of realizing there was something wrong in what she was doing in her life, beginning a searching of discovery, leading to a series of dreams and as dark night of the soul and studying Kabbalah, and learning that most of reality is not seen nor measured. She discusses experiences with patients, how she honors the vastness of the human experience, wonders about the mechanism behind it, and how we all have an intuitive capacity to listen to one’s soul instead of other people’s expectations and instructions.

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