041 – Allison Carmen – Maybe You

Allison Carmen

Finding hope and possibility in the Philosophy of Maybe…

Allison CarmenAllison Carmen, author of “The Gift of Maybe” and a business and life coach joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

A stressed-out attorney, losing control of one’s mind, and a fable that changed everything

Allison CarmenCarmen discusses her background as a stressed out attorney addicted to uncertainty, how a fable led her to the philosophy of maybe, getting away from the need for certainty, releasing one to greater happiness and fulfillment. Being always worried that things won’t work out, how she “wrote big story” she was going to become a lawyer and worked so long and when she reached that point, there was uncertainty again. How she couldn’t control her mind, couldn’t sleep, started to get sick, tried changing life on the outside and it didn’t work, then one day heard fable and learned that change doesn’t mean doom.

Moving to the open place of maybe, the danger of staying positive, and handling fear

Allison CarmenHow she went to the open place of maybe, many possibilities, freedom, liberation. How it keeps you open, hopeful, and how people are fearful. How does maybe relate to surrender? The danger of staying positive, having to be OK with the unknown. Steps toward hope include writing one’s biggest fear down, and all the problems that can stem from that, whether we know 100% the bad things will happen. But one realizes it won’t definitely happen, you can write maybe statements down. Maybe one will be OK no matter what. How maybe connects to action, fear leads to doing nothing. Maybe is the step before the action, handles the fear. And giving people hope, so they take action.

Having hope, retraining the mind, and using maybe in business

Carmen had no plan after graduation, as she was determined to be in her next school or nothing, she was so fixated on something happening. We still have hope if we have a philosophy of maybe. If overwhelmed by fear and negativity people say “what can I do”, but as a maybe thinker, “if I don’t know the answer, what happens next, I can do anything”. The need to retrain minds, that all things are possible. How adults are the ones who lock children down into the “you need to know” mindset, despite coming from love and thinking about keeping them safe with knowledge. Using the maybe mindset in a business mindset, an example of how the idea of maybe gave a client hope and changed his life, how with a maybe mindset one can be adaptable and see what is going on in surroundings, see other ideas, and the quality of life changes if mindset changes. Being more present, and seeing ideas and possibilities more if you are in the moment.

010 – Mini Intuitive Reading with Photographer Sarah Takako Skinner – Each Image Is Her

Revealing a truer self and finding hope through photography with Takako…

Sarah Takako Skinner, Photographer and Creator of The Hope Is Project (bio), joins Julie Chan for an extraordinary and inspiring mini intuitive reading, interpretation and coaching. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network studios. (Includes explicit language.)

Photographic process, a healing experience, and the moment between the moments

Skinner discusses how her photography process with her subjects involve textures, emotions, a complex process, are incredibly enjoyable, have creativity with interpersonal relationships which develop. How she is a humanist first, with the camera documenting. How the common thread is that someone comes in with their own sense of identity, and she allows them to expand and expose fears, bringing them out. How she makes sue she gives a lot of direction, flowing through movements and actions and intentions, acting out, tapping into their inner child, sub personalities, how it is felt to be a transformative experience like art therapy, with storytelling, as a healing experience, enlightening, joyful, fun, providing a feeling of pride in who subjects are, seeing a new version of themselves, thinking of themselves in a way they never thought of before. Skinner touches on her process taking usually at least two days, how she is bossy and firm, and how the idea is to get them out of their heads. The moment between the moments, learning to learn to shed taboos, allowing herself to honor extreme anger and fear and live and reenact them. Once OK’d, you become to understand how to accept what is inside you, and all elements.

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