Beyond the Heart Attack – With JV Crum III

Conscious Millionaire

JV Crum III, the Host of Conscious Millionaire podcast and founder of Conscious Millionaire, recently survived a heart attack. In a recent episode of The Conscious Millionaire Health podcast, Crum chronicles  the health scare, what he’s learned, and how he is becoming healthier in every way. He has shared a recent episode with the “All Possibilities” audience.

Conscious Millionaire is a global leader in empowering conscious entrepreneurs to both make a positive impact and achieve lasting financial freedom. They help clients align their businesses with their values to achieve a higher purpose, one that makes an important difference to others and brings fulfillment to them.

Conscious Millionaire is a Nationally-Syndicated Radio Show and Podcast about how to Make Your First Million Consciousy. Named by Inc Magazine as one of Top 13 Business Podcasts to listen to in 2017, it is heard in 190 countries by over 12M listeners. Crum has built and sold private companies, having made well over 25 million dollars. His life focus is to empower conscious entrepreneurs to grow as individuals, make a bigger impact and create higher profits. He holds graduate degrees in three areas – business, law, and psychology, and holds multiple-certificactions in NLP and Eriksonian Hypnosis and is a certified coach.

“Conscious Millionaire,” became the #1 book on all of Amazon. In addition, I am a HuffPost Columnist and founded a global non-profit, Conscious World.

Health Disclaimer Notice: You are advised to always consult your health care professional, physician or licensed health adviser with all matters related to your health, and particularly related to all matters that require diagnosis or medical attention. prior to making any changes in your diet or exercise program.

043 – Orly Amor – 18 Seconds

Orly Amor

The dual forces inside all of us that impact our lives and show us how to control them…

Orly AmorOrly Amor, internationally known speaker, business coach for public speakers, networking expert, certified behavioral expert, and author of “The 12 Powers We Hold Within: The Ultimate Paradigm Shift”, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

A pivotal moment, the story that’s difficult to hear, and developing a mindset mastery plan

Orly AmorAmor shares how she spoke publicly while working in property management but didn’t feel fulfilled, the drive to help other people, sharing personal stories. How her friend called every day for three weeks to convince her to speak at a women’s shelter, and the power of telling her personal story. Amor’s magnetic personality, how she saw the power of speaking, and wanted to change careers, then became a mindset mastery avid learner, evolving herself. A pivotal moment, and being told she saved someone’s life. The acknowledgment of sharing and the attention. And the extraordinary challenging path she has been on that is difficult for most people to hear, and most people wouldn’t live through it and be able to empower other people, give other people a sense of hope, and be confident and beautiful. Moving from going to many seminars, and writing how people can implement what they learn, mindset mastery, and the moment she got the blessing from her mentor for her program then put it on the shelf for a long time. Plus, conceiving Global Mentoring Center.

Discovering six books, behavior analysis, and emotional ego

Orly AmorShe discusses coming to Brooklyn to start her program, and how twelve powers were one part of whole program. A client said she should write a book, and other people did too, so she wrote the book, self published and gave them away, but only scratched the surface. Now, editors have said she has at least six books in her. She decided and negotiated that the book needed to launch on 12/12. Being a certified behavioral analyst, the science behind it, and what’s going on in brain. The five states of ego, personality profiling, modeling the DISC program, how being in an emotional ego state keeps you from learning and evolving, and how ideas can be anchored in brain the wrong way when emotional. The value of being aware of emotional states and the emotional state of others you’re dealing with.

Connecting health and wellness, growing a network, and five questions

The power of forgiveness, why she calls friends angels, “no” vs. “no for right now”, being grateful for small things, being able to receive and wanting to, and reasons not to use fear at all. Learning about faith and the need to be spiritual in that we are spirits. The bigger and stronger is inside of you. Amor on being a connector, going to a chamber of commerce event and seeing segregation, and how people were missing opportunity. How she created a bridge between professionals and health and wellness professionals with the Health and Wellness Network of Commerce which is now in 6 countries, 9 states, and 40 chapters around the world. The wheel she started that she cannot and doesn’t want to start, and how it grew all via word of mouth. How people watch you and see how you are all the time, how with giving your business will grow automatically, and being consistent with everything you do and learning something all the way. Also, five questions to end and begin your day.

004 – Dr. Steven Giron – Waking the Higher Brain

Higher brain living…

Dr. Steve Giron, a.k.a. “Dr. Steve” (bio), master facilitator of higher brain living, joins Julie Chan for a truly fascinating exploration of higher brain living from particle physics to consciousness.

Rebooting the brain, awakening transformation, and biofeedback

Dr. Steve reviews his path from elementary particle physics to spiritual healing, how Julie was a client, what happens in higher brain living, awakening dormant potential in higher brain, quantum mechanics and harnessing a new empowerment state to thrive with purpose for being on the planet, and creating a new brain “hardware” system and new “software” system to create a desired life. How when he was looking for a way to get out of a corporate job and seeking more transformational work he discovered the world of higher brain living. Dr. Steve goes in depth about the discoveries and research of Dr. Michael Cotton, the originator of technique. How an awakening transformation in the brain’s prefrontal cortex can allow the harnessing of abilities, and studies which scientifically help us understand core levels and measure activity in the brain. How techniques can allow people to live as a fearless and authentic self and allow that to be manifested through action in the world. The informal studies of Dr. Penny Montgomery on biofeedback and how they found long chains of beta waves in the brain creating more energy in brain, less stress and ability to be focused and clear. And alpha waves, and what this means for people who can be headed on a downward path if they are not already doing something.

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