085 – Sansan Fibri of DreaMe – An Unfiltered View of The Core Self


An AI-Powered Dream Interpretation App, providing people with personalized self-insights derived from their nightly dreams…

DreaMeSansan Fibri, Filmmaker and Founder of DreaMe (the world’s first and ONLY AI-powered, Jung-inspired Dream Interpretation App) joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • An AI-powered dream interpretation app
  • Sansan on the path that led her to the creation of the app
  • Sansan’s background in filmmaking, storytelling, being a vivid dreamer, remembering dreams
  • Jungian dream analysis, how research shows dreams are where we process through our deepest issues, regulates emotions
  • Lighting your way ahead like a map, orienting, an emotional roadmap, the GPS of life
  • Knowledge of oneself at a deep unfiltered level is ultimate power
  • Common to have big fires in dreams
  • Dreams as dry runs for things we’re preparing forDreaMe
  • Starting by wanting an app for better insights into dream interpretation—all existing apps she could find were dream dictionaries
  • The meaning of a dream depends on the dreamer
  • “Planet of the Apps” casting from Apple, DreaMe got to the finals,
  • How that application process gave validation to be doing this
  • A Global Dream Wisdom Bank
  • Being able to learn from dream interpretation about potential health or mental prevention or early detection
  • A big shift in the collective unconscious but dreams have been largely ignored
  • An unfiltered view to our core self
  • And a discovery 25 years later leads to forgiveness, and new level of father-daughter relationship

069 – Mica DeSantis – Third Eyes, Soul Babies, and Good Clowns

Mica DeSantis

Energy Therapy & Catalyzing Conception…

Mica DeSantisMica DeSantis, Energy Therapist & Conception Catalyst and founder of Life Sketching (The Feminine Path to Manifesting Miracles) who discovered as a young adult was that I could help women who were trying to conceive a baby just by touching them, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. This is one of several episodes on the topic of pregnancy.

In this episode:

  • Spiritual journey started as a baby ,and the concept of soul baby
  • Daily dreams for a year about a good clown, and a bad clown
  • Then a painting of the good clown
  • When Mica was diagnosed with MS
  • A spiritual connection with her dog in his last momentsMica DeSantis
  • Touching people on the forehead where their third eye is and they become pregnant
  • The process or timeline
  • Opening channels to connect with spirits
  • Being able to pick up signs
  • Hold on to beliefs and letting the process happen, and notice and participate in the journey
  • Reminding yourself of your power, and staying focused internally
  • What happened after she touched people
  • When conception doesn’t happen
  • What could be the science behind what happens with touching the third eye, shifting energies
  • With taking a step toward connecting, women can get so much relief
  • The importance of journaling

053 – Debra Flics – Classic Healer, Musical Healer

Debra Flics

Talk therapy, trauma therapy, EMDR, meditation, dream work, and healing music…

Psychotherapist and musician Debra Flics (Awake Presence) joins guest host Jessica Brodkin [Episode 11] in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.


Music healing

Music in the podcast studio with psychotherapist Debra Flics, and guest host Jessica Brodkin on the next episode of All Possibilities podcast .

Gepostet von All Possibilities podcast am Montag, 2. April 2018

In this episode:

  • Flics shares how her career started in own psychotherapy, how she had been doing acting and her acting teacher recommended therapy to get to know herself better (as the teacher did with all students), and the outcome was clear that Flics supposed by a therapist
  • Obtaining her Master of Social Work, and her postgraduate studies in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy
  • How she is not a not run of the mill psychotherapist
  • Vipassana Insight meditation (mindfulness meditation), how it is not trying to organize a different state but rather how things are, be with whatever arises
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Getting people in touch with deep patterns of behavior and ways of thinking, which are encoded as we’re developing, how they can be released, and spontaneous and allowing he presence of more authentic impulses to behave in more productive and kinder ways as a new way of being
  • Not just working with old patterns, but developing who clients really are in their truth and bringing that out into the world
  • EMDR, a trauma treatment, stimulation on one part of the body then the other, or sounds, when trauma is triggered it can take over our personality (on and off)
  • Dream work
  • When Flics was seeking to be working as a comedic actress
  • A Harmonium is played in studio, and Flics reveals how it is used a lot in Indian chanting music, and when she is leading call and response chanting, and sound healing
  • The divine feminine going through Flics
  • Sometimes the universe cooperates that if person moves through internal pattern and can move in a different way and the karmic energy doesn’t have the power it used to have, attacking issues through two angles
  • The importance of talking with the language of the person who is receiving therapy, not imposing one’s own on them
  • Sometimes seemingly meaningless things are not meaningless
  • Evolution can be painful but end up in a profound result
  • And profound final thoughts, including listening to our own confusion and meet our own heart with love