047 – Niki Manavi of Light YourWay – Evolution Accelerated

Niki Manavi

Higher self development, moving from an outdated, ego-based operating system to a heart-intelligent, co-creative state of being, and awakening and activating the infinite potentials that reside within each one of us…

Niki ManaviCan helping people find beauty on the outside provide a way to offer them beauty on the inside? Niki Manavi did just this, working for 10 years as a freelance hair and makeup artist for big time TV shows. She was born with a full consciousness, and began bringing higher consciousness and energies into the media world by impacting from behind the scenes. Manavi shares how she now Niki Manaviimpacts others as a higher self-development coach and as an instrument of higher consciousness, why food and gut health are important, and how theta healing can heal addictions. Plus, how millennial generations are made up of Indigo Children and Light Warriors. Manavi, Founder of Light YourWay (speaker, Higher-Self Development Coach, and an unstoppable LightWarrior who works with leaders, changemakers, and lightworkers around the globe to answer their highest calling), joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:


  • Niki ManaviHow Manavi was feeling like she was dropped off on wrong planet since birth, feeling displaced, rigidity around her, the many stories she was being told that didn’t feel right, like amnesia
  • Our endless dramas and polarities with people operating in ego-driven realities, and for Manavi it felt like so far from truth
  • Having a connection that superseded Manavi’s age, how wisdom is not defined by age but by presence and awareness, and how it didn’t align well with the Greek culture and why she withdrew inward
  • Becoming a hair and makeup person in TV, and how one is in close proximity with talent in their energetic sphere, and how getting hair and makeup can make you feel loved
  • How Manavi needed to segue out because the TV setting wasn’t appropriate to deliver the full message, and she started getting universal push to start Light YourWay, and be in a setting people can open up more
  • The fusion of clairaudience, clairsentience, Reiki, being used as medium to bringing higher consciousness through an energetic conduit, streaming higher frequencies to assist someone, with self development, taking essence of a higher self and bridging with development where someone doesn’t just have to switch suddenly between their other self and job, merging into the higher self completely, higher self development, in a tangible and practical manner
  • Higher self vs. ego, how the higher self doesn’t mean better or superior, but means a higher voltage, different frequency, and the fastest way to that level, and the heart is the portal to the sun
  • Feelings are not emotions, emotions are connected with ego and mind, feelings are organic and truth in your heart
  • Waiting for people to give us permission to go there, or do we need validation from external sources or being willing to not be held back by findings or research
  • Reiki, theta energetics, emotional freedom technique
  • How consciousness is upgrading to a fifth dimensional state
  • Indigos are bringing forward higher levels of frequency, different levels of consciousness merging into our world to accelerate human evolution
  • How the universe is gradual and sophisticated, effecting change smoothly and slowly, making it difficult to see it is changing all around us
  • Star seeds, Indigos, beings of light
  • Looking at how more children are being born this way, one in five, and more and more since 2012, more encodings of consciousness, with it all accelerating
  • A shortcut, and how bacteria in the gut and brains connects with receptivity to things when you don’t have good microbes in the gut, the ability to strengthen gut biotics by drinking raw milk, eating yogurts and more — resulting in dispelling lower levels, symptomatologies, not letting anyone derail you because of the support from the universe
  • The end of the world vs. the end of an old consciousness
  • Waking up consciousness in being human
  • How ultimately it is up to you, your choices, and what you think is possible

038 – Michelle Jeovanny Lopez of Dignity Universal – A Unique Blueprint of Self

Michelle Giovanni Lopez

Making a mark in the world with leadership, dignity, purpose, service, team, social responsibility, awareness, connection, excellence, making a difference together…

Michelle Giovanni LopezMichelle Jeovanny Lopez, CEO of Dignity Universal and  Dignity University and Certified Transformational Trainer, Life Coach, Program Designer and film writer, visionary and innovator, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

Discovering spirituality and identity, emulating parental patterns, discovering purpose

Jeovanny Lopez reveals her spiritual experience growing up, speaking to extraterrestrials, realizing there’s more to the world, everyone is chosen but not everyone chooses, being in business of awakening herself, how we are all an extension of each other, how the spiritual foundation is everything, praying for death at a young age, hearing a voice that she’s not alone and hearing that voice again, and having out of body experience. Starting to run away as a girl, running away to NYC at age 17 with only a fanny pack, having a sense of a presence that she wasn’t alone, getting into college and telling no one of her experiences, and how spirituality took a back seat in college. She didn’t want to graduate so she did triple major, got a job in stock exchange but was miserable, then lost job and began to feel again a presence and sense of purpose.

Gifts vs. magic, three companies, and focusing on the good

She discusses how prayer sets in motion a turn of events, how we resist them but they are meant to happen. What are gifts, what is magic, reverse engineering success and visiting patterns that kept them in cycle. How Jeovanny Lopez founded three companies: Dignity University (empowering youth to thrive, use their voices, see themselves as the solution), Acid Love (raising funds to support women victims of acid attacks) and a coaching practice, to incubate space to create a year from inside out. How a mentor helped Jeovanny Lopez narrow down what angered her around the world is seeing people not living to their potential, since she has intuition on people’s potential. How we tend to focus on the bad, because of the way our brains are wired. The importance to focus more on good things.

Manufacturing meaning, intention and free will, and The God Particle

How experiences as woman and Latina shaped her, how acknowledging boundaries and values create a space where we can have mistakes and learn from them, realizing we are adding meaning to situations and then allow that meaning to run our day, then all these illusions and stories have won our day. The value of seeing people anew every day, approaching people with curiosity and interest instead of them showing up with who you say you are, when we become victims to circumstances, we forfeit power to transform them. The importance of intention, free will, how whatever you agree is true, principles will show in your reality, starting the day out with right intent, surrendering to the day, being the vessel and a channel. Plus, The God Particle.

Hello World – Discover your purpose and unlimited potential

On the All Possibilities podcast, intuitive life purpose coach and founder of Being My Purpose, Julie Chan, talks with entrepreneurs, business executives, scientists, educators, and leaders to hear their stories of transformation, and examine the science behind them. She also explores what it means for anyone to unlock one’s potential in life and career.

Chan had a successful career, an Ivy League education, and led a very rational life. When she had a spiritual awakening several years ago, she developed psychic gifts, and dedicated her life towards pursuing her own purpose and empowering others. Together, Chan, guests and listeners will embark on a discovery of — All Possibilities.