038 – Michelle Jeovanny Lopez of Dignity Universal – A Unique Blueprint of Self

Michelle Giovanni Lopez

Making a mark in the world with leadership, dignity, purpose, service, team, social responsibility, awareness, connection, excellence, making a difference together…

Michelle Giovanni LopezMichelle Jeovanny Lopez, CEO of Dignity Universal and  Dignity University and Certified Transformational Trainer, Life Coach, Program Designer and film writer, visionary and innovator, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

Discovering spirituality and identity, emulating parental patterns, discovering purpose

Jeovanny Lopez reveals her spiritual experience growing up, speaking to extraterrestrials, realizing there’s more to the world, everyone is chosen but not everyone chooses, being in business of awakening herself, how we are all an extension of each other, how the spiritual foundation is everything, praying for death at a young age, hearing a voice that she’s not alone and hearing that voice again, and having out of body experience. Starting to run away as a girl, running away to NYC at age 17 with only a fanny pack, having a sense of a presence that she wasn’t alone, getting into college and telling no one of her experiences, and how spirituality took a back seat in college. She didn’t want to graduate so she did triple major, got a job in stock exchange but was miserable, then lost job and began to feel again a presence and sense of purpose.

Gifts vs. magic, three companies, and focusing on the good

She discusses how prayer sets in motion a turn of events, how we resist them but they are meant to happen. What are gifts, what is magic, reverse engineering success and visiting patterns that kept them in cycle. How Jeovanny Lopez founded three companies: Dignity University (empowering youth to thrive, use their voices, see themselves as the solution), Acid Love (raising funds to support women victims of acid attacks) and a coaching practice, to incubate space to create a year from inside out. How a mentor helped Jeovanny Lopez narrow down what angered her around the world is seeing people not living to their potential, since she has intuition on people’s potential. How we tend to focus on the bad, because of the way our brains are wired. The importance to focus more on good things.

Manufacturing meaning, intention and free will, and The God Particle

How experiences as woman and Latina shaped her, how acknowledging boundaries and values create a space where we can have mistakes and learn from them, realizing we are adding meaning to situations and then allow that meaning to run our day, then all these illusions and stories have won our day. The value of seeing people anew every day, approaching people with curiosity and interest instead of them showing up with who you say you are, when we become victims to circumstances, we forfeit power to transform them. The importance of intention, free will, how whatever you agree is true, principles will show in your reality, starting the day out with right intent, surrendering to the day, being the vessel and a channel. Plus, The God Particle.

037 – Alexandra Macias of The C3 Method – Healing Internally

Fighting sensitivity-based anxiety and depression with yoga and meditation…

Alexandra Macias, cofounder of The C3 Method (a three-step process that promotes making a choice, taking a chance, and experiencing a lifestyle change to reduce stress and increase morale — using a conscience approach and providing a customized wellness program in the workplace and a mindfulness curriculum to students K-12) joins Julie Chan for a conversation on yoga, meditation, healing, and anxiety and depression caused by high sensitivity and intuition. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. (Macias’ profile)

A troubled childhood, drawn to the spiritual world, and a prayer and a promise

Macias discusses why yoga is important in terms of healing from depression and anxiety and feeling ostracized, reconnecting with body, how she medicated from age 12, healing with anxiety and depression but depending on pill to get by every day, being sensitive and highly intuitive since she was very young, having a good upbringing and going to Catholic school, having gut feelings and then that thing would happen, parents got divorces at 9 years old, high levels of anxiety, having a premonition a week prior to her parents’ splitting up, being ten years old when she started getting asthma and not being able to breathe, a first major panic attack that was terrifying, how anxiety is like an addiction, how she became claustrophobic and with OCD tendencies, wanting to deny it, assuming people think she’s crazy, and then getting suicidal thoughts and trying to commit suicide, and being scared every day. Her difficult journey, feeling drawn to the spiritual world even at four years old and feeling weird, wondering whether she was causing own conflicts, and relapsing in depression when a friend died. Moving from LA, she could have tried to put this behind her no one has to know, and praying to God to get her through this, promising she’d dedicate her life helping people get through things like this.

The C3 Method, higher productivity and lower costs, and engagement

Starting The C3 Method because of panic attacks, how she was put on stress leave twice, why companies take the C3 Method on and evaluating ROI, evaluating how it is helping a company in productivity and saving money on health care costs, how healthy and happier is more productive with less stress leave, and more engaged and healthier employees. How the biggest decisions are how it saves money for companies and how easy it is. The C3 Method brings everything into the office, and customizes the service and experience. Dealing with people chained to desks, so engagement is key, along with switching up the modalities.

What young people need to learn, starting school programs, and voicing feelings

As a society we have failed to teach young people self-care and self-love over work ethic, requiring a mind shift to prioritize this. Employers are more commonly noticing mental health issues, and the importance of creating programs for young people, giving them a moment to be themselves. Don’t have resources or proper attention. And how programs in schools started with a free one from The C3 Method. Macias shares a wish list to support the program, a wish to be a part of every school’s program, and a chance for kids to be able to voice how they feel.

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036 – Rick Little of The Spring Meditation Studio – The Fourth State

Vedic Meditation…

Rick Little, Organizational Consultant & Meditation Teacher, Co-Founder of The Spring, and former Vice President, Administration & Strategic Projects for Friends of the High Line, joins Julie Chan for a discussion Vedic Meditation, spirituality, and being complete. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

Discovering the practice, Vedic Meditation in the workplace, and spiritual vs. non-spiritual practice

Little discusses how he was first introduced to the practice of Vedic Meditation by former boss Robert Hammond, a caution against participating in mediation without proper instruction, and the experience of having a boss speaking with employees about meditation and modalities. Meditation as a spiritual practice and as not being one, how it aligns with what employers want employees to be, and meditation was one way, not presented to staff as a spiritual practice, and why spiritual aspects are not what meditation teachers usually lead with.

Origins, scanning for the most attractive things, and a fourth state

How Vedic Meditation comes from The Vedas in India (which also produced yoga), which is 5-10,000 years old. How to live one’s life in alignment with nature, mantras, how the mind is scanning for things it finds attractive and moving towards it, following it down as the mantra becomes fainter, leaving the mind in a place where it isn’t thinking conscious thoughts. Transcendental Meditation vs. Vedic Meditation, and meditation as a fourth state if consciousness, or wakeful hypometobolic state, and meditation on the subway.

Becoming complete, the right instruction, and The Spring

How meditation is not something that can only happen under a specific set of circumstances, learning to meditate with someone close to you, and why meditating gets us in touch with the part of us that makes us see that we are complete. Instruction in meditation should be seen as important just like any other new skill in life, and why it is best learned on an individual basis. And, how Little is collaborating with several other mediation instructors to open a new New York City studio called The Spring.

035 – Paranormal Investigator Vinny Carbone – Ghost Hunting

Paranormal investigations…

Vinny Carbone, Paranormal Investigator, Public Program Director, Actor, Director, and Comedian, discusses ghost hunting, the Morris-Jumel Mansion, and the paranormal with host Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios, powered by Sennheiser. (Carbone’s profile)

A first discovery, ghost hunting equipment, and resolution

Carbone shares his definition of ghosts as spirits of people who have passed on, himself as a mortal with an interest in the paranormal, and talks about what attracts people to paranormal activities, what motivated him, his first discoveries sitting in lobby of dorm at college, the craziest stuff that’s happened, what resolution looks like to him, how he’s been obsessed all of his life with the paranormal, moving from observer to participant, and how his team is always getting excited with door creaks, blips, and noises. He mentions leading investigations and workshops, talks about K2 meters to measure EMF levels, infrared cameras, antennas to measure static electricity, and a misconception about ghost hunting, and how ghost hunting usually involves waiting in a dark room for a long time waiting for something to happen.

Hearing a possible spirit, those 45 seconds, and jumping to conclusions

Chan hears an actual EVP, Carbone goes through the theory behind why ghosts respond to music, and what is actually the meaning of paranormal, and how he considers skeptics. 45 seconds of unusual static electricity activity at a mansion with music played, the danger of jumping to conclusions and making something what you want and need it to be, and the difference between activity with people present vs. what’s only recorded by equipment.

An open mind, residual vs. intelligent hauntings, and Aaron Burr

Attraction, gravitating, how the best tools are eyes and ears, keeping an open mind, whether you need to ghost hunt at night, the need for circumstances to be right, and the difference between residual hauntings and intelligent hauntings. And, how lectures are not mean to scare people, and how people react in his personal life. Plus Aaron Burr, and the Morris-Jumel Mansion.

034 – Heather Schultz – Honoring the Pineapple

Embracing duality, overcoming adoption and abandonment issues, and discovering identity…

Heather Schultz, freelance writer and adjunct professor of persuasion and public opinion at Fordham University, and public speaking at Baruch College, joins Julie Chan at the MouthMedia Network Studios powered by Sennheiser. (Schultz’s profile)

A memoir, racism, and building inner strength

Schultz reveals how she fell into a teaching job, why this was a field she is passionate about, how she is working on memoir “Memoir a Twinkie”, went to South Korea, and wrote first person piece for NBC news to explore her adoption. Meeting the OBGYN who delivered her, and growing up in Long Island and then visiting the “motherland”. How she knew she was different, decapitating white Barbies, and customizing her American Girl dolls because none of them looked like her. How Schultz experienced racism as a child and feared going to school, beginning her writing by sharing experiences and not being in it by herself, sharing her victim mentality and learning it is not personal, and being ready for, and priming herself for, building inner strength.

Abandonment issues, inner child work, and the value of getting help

Schultz shares her efforts trying to understand why she was given up for adoption, being careful with the language she uses, and trying to forgive her birth parents. Dealing with abandonment issues all of her life, her “inner child work”, facing challenges trying to connect with her birth parents, hiring a private detective, and how it is OK to have two sets of parents. The importance of recognizing the value of getting help with a life coach, therapist, meditation, faith, and more, and how a little goes a long way – and how what’s inside (abandonment, rejection, abuse, etc.) affects all areas of your life.

An intuitive reading, duality, and helping others

Acknowledging something is an issue and getting help with that. And Chan shares an intuitive reading about joy and lightness of pineapples, the how the bright yellow color, sweetness, and sudden tartness are in a dance. Recurring patterns, the duality of inside and outside, recognizing the whole, trying to hide the uniqueness to fit in, and appreciating the dualities that are existing as friends. The beauty of going through the journey, a love to educate and inspire, and helping others to make sense of their adoption narrative.

033 – Sam Liebowitz – Aware, Awake, Alive

Shifting energy, living consciously and with presence, and spoon bending…

Coach, consultant, healer, energy healer, entrepreneur in various industries, and podcast host Sam Liebowitz (The Conscious Consultant) discusses taking a different approach, from a more energetic perspective, patterns, and underlying energy. He joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

Spoon bending, the journey to becoming a conscious consultant, and being served by the Universe

Liebowitz talks about his online radio show (podcast), training for shamanic work, and helping people integrate experiences. Spoon bending, his scientific way of looking at life, being open and questioning, a background in tech, aerospace, real estate, and buying an acupuncture business, discovering the law of attraction as a spiritual practice, how all things are an excuse to feel good and raise your vibration, and how getting things doesn’t matter as much as the change in energy while pursuing them — not about the material stuff, but it is about shifting energy, living consciously and that the Universe is here to serve us, not fight against us.

Living a happy journey, shifting energy, and changing our mindset

Living more aware, awake and alive, and living a happy journey. A spoon bending workshop, evidence of a physical transformation before your eyes and physical experience of what it means to shift energy, and how our mindset needs shifting from Newtonian physics. The relational field with all people at the spoon bending workshop, and shifting energy in life, and presence.

Silence, presence, and those 2 Billion bits of information

How cultivating presence with yourself allows you to be more present with others, starting to feel things before a person says it, and how being open to information allows us to register more. Liebowoitz says that our brains take in 2 Billion bits of information/sec, but our conscious mind only registers 2,000 of them, so we’re not aware of so much information in relativity. Most judgment is self-judgment, people are a mirror for us, and in a perfect universe, there are no accidents. Learning from triggers, Liebowitz’s shamanic work, and how and why he is moving towards more group work ahead, facilitating,

032 – Steve Little – Waterfall of Success

Social missions and business success…

Steve Little, founder of Zero Limits Ventures and an entrepreneur specializing in accelerating valuation growth and creating highly successful exits who runs a boutique investment banking firm (profile), joins Julie Chan for a discussion of the meaning of real success, why businesses need to be bigger than their businesses, the pathway of love and contribution, and Hawaiian clearing technique. Plus, an intuitive reading hits home. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network studios in New York City, powered by Sennheiser.

A superpower, Ho’oponopono, and the Amazon

Little discusses his personal superpower, the ability to quickly understand the dynamics and potential of a business, as there are many intricate aspects of building a successful business which are often ignored. He recalls being so unhappy and crying on the way to work every day despite tremendous business success, while having no way to move in his own life, despite the superpower and despite a luxurious life. He talks how he decided to quit in order to survive and to be happy, with no new plan in place, and how this put him on a spiritual journey. He reviews self-actualization, self-realization, and how he studied so many things and connected with Dr. Hew Len, teacher of the Hawaiian technique Ho’oponopono, clearing technique based on entire experience is based on beliefs, which determine how you experience life. How mentioned how you have multiple ways of reacting, knowing everyone is expressing the highest level of love of available to them. How this keeps him balanced throughout the day, getting past things that are disruptive, and being on a pathway of love and contribution. How things become visible and revealed, via techniques to get more clarity. Little reveals how he studied with an indigenous tribe in the Amazon, learning a sense of openness and as part of his discovery of techniques around the world. He relates how he was led to creating The Perfect Biz Finder Program accessed by more than 200,000 people, and how your business has to be about something bigger than your business.

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031 – Paul Selig – Psychic, Scribe, Human

Psychic readings and channeling texts…

Paul Selig, psychic and award-winning author of channeled texts from Tarcher/Penguin (profile), Paul Selig offers channeled workshops internationally and serves on the faculty of The Omega Institute, joins Julie Chan for a conversation about his work as a psychic and author, the physical toll of the job, and his journey from spiritual awakening to the present. Selig holds a Master’s degree from Yale University and serves on the faculty of The Omega Institute, The Kripalu Center and the Esalen Institute. Also a noted playwright and educator, he served on the faculty of NYU for over 25 years. He directed the MFA in Creative Writing Program at Goddard College for many years, and he now serves on the college’s Board of Trustees. Recorded at MouthMedia Network studios, powered by Sennheiser.

Beginning clairaudience, being like a radio, and taking care of oneself

Selig describes how he started his journey in 1987 a year out of a Masters program at Yale, while working on an opera. How Gideons leave books in a drawer and he reached for a book, beginning a journey out of necessity, hearing a voice telling him to “get his act together”, and his beginning of a clairaudience. How Selig was an open conduit, and how he operated like a radio when he channels he flips the station a bit then has access to other info. When in 2009, after working with a group in his apartment, he began recording and transcribing what the guides delivered as books, with six so far, and how the books are transcripts of sessions and require virtually no editing. Taking care of oneself, and balance. The demands of travel and work, how he is missing the order, schedule, and community and finding the audience more transient. How his current pace and lifestyle is not sustainable, the guides are not tired when he’s tired, how he takes on the physical abilities and issues of those he channels, and how most have a lack of awareness of divinity in so many things, despite that all is holy. His hope is that if teaching continues it will result in a realization for all that can move the process forward.

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030 – Film and TV Actor and Producer Andrew Roth – Lightning Bolt

Acting, addiction, and spirituality…

Andrew Roth, Film and Television actor and producer (website) joins host Julie Chan to talk abuse, addiction, acting, empathy, spirituality, being accountable, method acting, and the challenge of his upcoming memoirs. Chan provides an impactful intuitive reading. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network Studios powered by Sennheiser.

An empath, a verifiable self truth, and purity in meditation

Roth covers his career journey, how theater found him, how believing himself as an empath was a problem and led him to addiction, having present “moment to moment awareness”, discovering empathy in the first time he was hit from father, picking up more on strangers and people he senses are aggressive/dangerous, the role of martial arts for him, and protecting those he loves. The need to be careful in giving advice, and how we all need our own verifiable truth. Being four years sober, real and pure meditation, his sense of spirituality, holding oneself accountability for the words one uses, and being truly alone vs. being universally connected.

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029 – Helena Dea Bala – Craigslist Confessional

Listening to the stories of others…

Helena Dea Bala, professional listener, former lawyer, and Storyteller and Listener at Craigslist Confessional, joins Julie Chan for a discussion about the privilege, impact and price of listening to others so they can share their stories. Chan also shared an intuitive reading (profile). Recorded at the MouthMedia Network Studios in New York, powered by Sennheiser.

From Albania to Slavania, peace and strength, and a homeless man inspires

Bala shares her upbringing, moving from Albania to Slavania with a lot of moving around and instability, working as a lawyer and lobbyist in DC, and listening to people tell stories they never told anyone else, hoping to provide everyone the idea that whatever they are going through there are others who have as well. The peace and strength in sharing that story, not following a linear path, following a gut feeling instead. How the work is scary but fulfilling and a growth experience. How Bala wanted work that felt more like flow than work. And the way a homeless person named Joe reminded her of how people want to ignore difficult situations, and inspired her to listen to other people to help her figure out her path.

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