084 – Revisiting Eduardo Placer of Fearless Communicators – The Lion and the Kitty

The ripple effect of finding a confident voice…

After more than 80 episodes of this podcast I realized something. You can’t be a part of sharing this many stories without experiencing growth. And as I reflected on the many guests, I felt magnetized to one in particular from very early in the show’s history. “The lesson of the ripple effect of finding a confident voice” certainly seems appropriate at this moment. It seems only right to share it again. If you have heard this one already, I encourage you to listen to it again with fresh ears. And if its new to you, get ready for a powerful and entertaining conversation with Eduardo Placer,  in which you will discover fearless communication — and the lion and the kitty. – Julie Chan

Eduardo Placer, ‎Social Impact Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Community Builder, and Founder/CEO of Fearless Communicators (a dynamic public speaking coaching business that empowers leaders and change-makers) – (bio), joins Julie Chan for a discussion of finding one’s voice, and a follow up to a prior full intuitive reading, at the MouthMedia Network Studio.

Placer reviews how he started as an actor, and how he realized we all have a voice and a story to share, and how owning a voice and story can allow us to make impact. How he found himself on stage, wondering if is this all he was called to do in life, with the answer growing louder. He discusses public speaking, how the body shows up to the event of speaking, working with a school in southern Kenya, an LGBTQ activist organization in southeastern Africa, working with women in business to help the with their voice, and endeavoring to arm fearless communicators across the planet to speak about things that can make a difference. Placer reveals how he is an introverted extrovert, the opportunity to discover the power of you through sharing through those with less self-confidence having an empathy different than someone who is a natural.

A conversation on where the voice is located, finding one’s voice, breathing and tension, and relieving jaw tensions and stretching. Intention, outcome and result, who are we being when speaking, what is the audience experiencing and feeling, and then the result. How we can choose to not be at mercy of inner dialogue we have of not being good enough, and how that dialogue is universal. Purpose and mission is being called to speak, we all have something important to say, are the unique person to share that, and present to that power. If the focus is on oneself, that focus is in the wrong place. Finding one’s voice, “powertalk”, and how to give amazing presentations. The movement of a supreme love community, radical supreme love. How when one does not have one’s voice and not speaking up makes one disappear. Our charge is to communicate, and how commitment must be bigger than concerns.

A follow up since the full intuitive purpose reading with Eduardo, being the lion, understanding where he stands in the chain of life, how his ferociousness can be overwhelming when unleashed, how the duality of being a lion and timid cat is his theme, battling the two and learning how to embrace the two. Eduardo reflects on what reading was like, how it has impacted, fearless sharing vs. timid sharing, moved out of scarcity context and moving into an abundance context. Leading the pride, just standing in the space of not being a selfish lion, needing the support of the pride, being unapologetic and owning the power, leading from a place of selflessness and abundance, showing up to serve, and making a difference.

083 – Amy Allison-Scharf – Moving with a Friendly Wind

Amy Allison-Scharff

Just jumping in and trusting the universe…

Amy Allison-ScharffAmy Allison-Scharf joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Being in love with the band Duran Duran, obsessed with NYC, an a dream to move there from California
  • Theater school
  • A relationship breakup leads to a friendly invite her to come to NYC at 23 years old
  • Just living life as a waitress, and coming across a personal training program, and being interested in humanity
  • Getting into design, and spaces, how they can make you feel, your experience in a space
  • Rearranging furniture and the impact on the way a room makes you feelAmy Allison-Scharff
  • Learning from modeling to trust herself
  • Worked briefly for Bette Midler’s daughter when she was 21
  • When Bette bought Avon from her mom
  • No separation between people—we’re all just people
  • Just jumping in and trusting the universe
  • An intuitive reading about moving with a friendly wind
  • A feeling of freedom to explore life
  • Loving to take care of people
  • Getting involved in the community
  • Engaging with people in simple ways

082 – Laura Hames Franklin – The Magic and Humor of the Universe


Transforming body, business, and life…

LauraLaura Hames Franklin, Creator of the Universal Health Principles and Founder of Wholly Shift and Starship Mastermind, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • How Julie and Laura were sitting on a rock in Central Park, and magic happened
  • How Laura’s spiritual journey began, and she’s always been on a journey, always something different about her, always questioning the normLaura
  • When she was in dance college, found a book about body, mind, and it meant so much with her and she never took book back to the college
  • Moving to NYC, and how Laura had a feeling it was her destination, magic seemed to happen there
  • Being pulled out of her logic box over and over
  • WhenLaura learned body talk
  • Learning the Franklin method (Eric Franklin, whom she ultimately ended up marrying)
  • If you don’t know how to activate everything in your body and mind, you can only get so far
  • Laura realizing her journey is to bring those pieces together, gave it a voice
  • Created a system called universal health principals
  • How the body heals, connected to big energy field, wisdom
  • Dissolving layers of aspects of herself she thought was her but weren’t
  • Demolishing aspects of business to be free to be herself
  • Not believing the story on the surfaceLaura
  • The difference in thinking paradigms between her and her husband
  • Key aspects of the physics of universe
  • How you are the whole point, and about individuality, but connected to an all knowing intelligence energy field
  • An incredible spirit-animal moment of energy
  • Feeling connected to energy all around you
  • The humor of the universe

081 – Dr. Cassandra Vieten of Institute of Noetic Sciences – A Conscious Shift

Cassandra Vieten

Parapsychological research…

Cassandra VietenCassandra Vieten, PhD, President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a scientist at the Mind-Body Medicine Research Group at California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute, and a licensed clinical psychologist, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios.

In this episode:

  • IONS, and its scientific research
  • Vieten’s father was a scientist, secular humanist
  • Her mother had more interest in the symbolic world, dreams, symbols, storytelling
  • How she developed a fascination with both inner and outer worlds
  • Her training as a psychologist
  • Turning the lens of science onto things she was learning in psychology program
  • How keeping things you like and getting rid of thing you don’t like causes a paradoxCassandra Vieten
  • Misunderstanding what is possible
  • Information may be contained in an additional layer of reality
  • What’s been found in research so far
  • Bringing together all the work happening in the field
  • What happens on someone’s own body due to intentions
  • When you pay attention to systems do they behave differently at a quantum level
  • Aspects of the mind extends beyond the body
  • Evidence of the possibility of precognition
  • Spoon bending
  • The need for more research, and funding
  • The resistance to this topic even in higher education, terming it pseudoscience
  • The power of our intention and how we direct thoughtsCassandra Vieten
  • Experiments and experiences solidifying data available that generates additional interest in optimization
  • A shift or change in perception, how work can support transformation of humanity in a way that makes it more difficultto be unkind to others and themselves
  • A larger calling for fulfillment, central to lives
  • How we can be kind and translate that into behavior changes
  • The importance of self compassion
  • Its not about becoming perfect — it’s about becoming real.
  • Why the scientific method is awesome
  • Citizen science
  • Getting involved or collaborating
  • Twitter as a data source
  • The need for funding and the economics of not solving the issue of human potential

080 – Pt. 2 – Dr. Anna Huff, Dr. Teresa Reyes Castillo, and Terri Galuszka – Blending Psychology and Spirituality – Part 2

When psychology meets spirituality in therapy…

Clinical psychologists and wives Dr. Anna Huff and Dr. Teresa Reyes Castillo, along with Terri Galuszka (clairvoyant medium and healer with Visions of Light) — who together operate a coaching practice,  join Julie Chan for the second part of an interview in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Top recommendations for people who are seeking to awaken or are close to that process
  • Questioning what you want and don’t want anymore, who do you want to be
  • Seeing what is genuinely you and not, questioning everything.
  • Seeking things outside of you for guidance, but they don’t give answers
  • Sitting alone in silence for long periods of time
  • Imternal landcsapes don’t make sense with words, but images help
  • Discovering one’s spirit
  • Amazing effects of how we get coded into a train of thought
  • Food-eliminating, thinking of it as totally different way
  • Vibrationally connecting foods to measure nutrition
  • Impact on bodies and mental well being and spiritual channels
  • A look into the future
  • A more conscious effort to come into community
  • Nuclear war and global political issues]
  • How we’re responsibleFor chocies we make
  • The anxiety on the planet, a need to come to a direct center
  • The need to understand what were doing
  • The future we’re aiming toward
  • The rise needs to be greater than the fall
  • The trend and threat to question things
  • Striving for balance
  • A reminder of an image of unity and light

079 – Pt. 1 – Dr. Anna Huff, Dr. Teresa Reyes Castillo, and Terri Galuszka – Blending Psychology and Spirituality – Part 1

Anna, Teresa, Terri

When psychology meets spirituality in therapy…

Anna, Teresa, TerriClinical psychologists and wives Dr. Anna Huff and Dr. Teresa Reyes Castillo, along with Terri Galuszka (clairvoyant medium and healer with Visions of Light) — who together operate a coaching practice,  join Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • What brought Anna and Teresa to collaborate – met in graduate school
  • How they were overwhelmed in grad school, and it was a struggle as demands so high, and demands of relationship so hard because being twin flames
  • Reaching a place on the journey, almost a stopping point
  • Went on retreat on California, realized more about purpose as psychologists, opened a world with a different way of helping and working with people, purpose in the field
  • Taking psychology to a different level and introducing spirituality
  • Working together as co-therapists, and meeting TerriAnna, Teresa, Terri
  • How Anne and Teresa thought they would work with couples but that didn’t happen and instead worked with individual people
  • Terri sets landscape with a reading ahead of other therapy work, sets picture of person that’s clear to work with and process and integrate information set up for them
  • How this fast-tracks people
  • How Terri is a Jersey girl, raised by British mother who was a healer, several people in her generational family that were healers and clairvoyants, trained carefully with humility, passion, trust
  • Terri’s father was navigational engineer whose mother read tea leaves and  read Tarot
  • Teri did ghostbusting with family
  • Seeing energy come in, how Terri can read energy grids around body, can see were the trauma is, and pinpoint it
  • An example of a patient at a crossroads
  • Explaining the complex work done – complex yet there is a clear and dynamic flow
  • Having a way to go in both conscious and unconscious
  • Pulling certain layers of the unconscious into the conscious where the psychologists can work
  • An impromptu reading and session with Julie stirs up deep emotions, and a journey of recovery for her sight
  • Cognitive dissonance in the field, when something is right and wrong at the same time
  • Energy fields and disturbances
  • Finding the intersection of simple and complex

078 – Lauren Coles and Emily Griesing of Yoga Yacht – Bond, Thrive, Experience

Yoga Yacht

A boat-based wellness retreat company…

Yoga YachtLauren Coles (CEO, Daisy Yoga and Yoga Yacht) and Emily Griesing (COO of Yoga Yacht) (Yoga Yacht takes passengers on boat rides to exclusive beach locations worldwide for yoga and meditation experiences) join Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Being very sad, had life-threatening ectopic pregnancy, very sick
  • Needed a way to celebrate getting through that, being well again, inviting clients to celebration which became Yoga Yacht
  • Something to look forward to
  • Reducing tension from a sedentary work lifestyleYoga Yacht
  • Another option instead of owning yoga mats and having it be a must-do instead of a want-to-do
  • Importance of feeling strong in your own body
  • A connection to the water, a father’s work on the water with Pete Seeger and trying to fit in with a legacy
  • Education is a big part of things
  • How to meld the creatures on this world
  • Boat partnerships, brand partnerships, not just trying to sell lifestyle experience, but has meaning behind it
  • Connecting with a memory when partnering with groups, customizing experience for brand partners
  • Every partner had a cause mission behind it
  • Losing weight, loving yourself

Yoga Yacht takes passengers on boat rides to exclusive beach locations worldwide for yoga and meditation experiences. They are all about connection: to land and to sea, to yourself and to others. Our experiences are open to all, with the goal of bringing together a community of like-minded individuals to embrace the moment. they provide unforgettable wellness escapes while raising awareness on ocean conservation and reducing our negative impact on the environment as a maritime company and as individuals. They partner with socially-conscious brands and organizations that elevate guest experiences and align with their mission of wellness, connection, and giving back.

077 – June Choi of Serval Ventures – 4D Tech Farmer

June Choi

June ChoiBeing a 4D Thinker, transformative tech meets human evolution, how Korean-American Midwest roots shapes an ecosystem of startups, and human transcendence…

June Choi, CEO of Serval Ventures (evolving the startup success and venture investment model by applying a data-driven experimentation approach, honing talent, and delivering thoughtful and sustained support) joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • How Choi had as many as five careers, and being a Korean-American immigrant
  • Choi was supposed to go to med school, but sees herself as a four-dimensional thinker, see things play out, didn’t want that path
  • Figuring what she didn’t want, and her parents disowned her
  • She decided to pursue a literature degree, loved reading books, and her father disowned her again
  • Took a business minor
  • Wanted to be a judge, but didn’t want to go to law school
  • Moved to England because they speak English too
  • Couldn’t feed herself, depended on Ramen
  • Becoming an executive director at just 26 for a non profit
  • Got divorced, had a child, had to support child but not do it full timeJune Choi
  • Did strategy consulting
  • Took professional sacrifices to be home with her child as much as possible
  • Decided she is female role model for her daughter
  • Then started a company, which was scary
  • Choi had resisted being an entrepeneur for a long time, was freeing
  • Being an advisor to a startup and they wouldn’t listen
  • So, became an investor
  • Why aren’t accelerators and venture investing evolving properly?
  • As an investor – less tech people in tech companies, business people have an idea, then hire expensive people for a startup, so they have to raise money instead of building company and product and going to market
  • Choi focused on the need to keep founders focused, and thus the innovation roadmap developed
  • The way different people think, complex vs. linear
  • Chan provides an intuitive reading – using play and education
  • Facilitator instead of farmer, helping others understand each other, further their visions
  • Community watering hole, serenity and togetherness
  • Contributing to the farm
  • Emerging tech
  • How people are evolving

076 – Cardozie Jones of True North EDI – All Eyes on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Cardozie Jones

Cardozie JonesHow loss of sight propelled a new path of Equity, Diversity, and Interdependence to create spaces in which reflection and action-oriented dialogue result in transformed communities…

Cardozie Jones, a NYC-based educator, artist, and consultant, and Founder and Lead Facilitator at True North EDI ( facilitating workshops and trainings, coaching and developing teams and leaders, and consulting and supporting systems-level change), joins host Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Cardozie Jones on what shapes him
  • When he was starting to have vision issues
  • Multiple surgeries on his eye, eyesight faded
  • Starting at school at NYU on 9/11
  • Deciding his pathCardozie Jones
  • Believing it must be possible to make a living and feel free
  • Moved to Hunter College, and was the only “brown body” in his class and he realized the ‘system” was broken
  • A one way ticket to Paris, writing, and why it was a checkpoint
  • How to get this life in Paris his life in NYC all the time
  • Raising $55k in three months for a theater production, an artistic apex
  • Creating True North consulting firm
  • Equity, diversion, and inclusionCardozie Jones
  • Being able to say “no” in working with people you don’t want to, and having meetings about aligning values
  • How Jones doesn’t have to say “please need me”
  • How people can shape equity where they are working
  • Pillars of what’s possible for change
  • Giving people the opportunities to be successful, creating a world and spaces for each human being to thrive