047 – Niki Manavi of Light YourWay – Evolution Accelerated

Niki Manavi

Higher self development, moving from an outdated, ego-based operating system to a heart-intelligent, co-creative state of being, and awakening and activating the infinite potentials that reside within each one of us…

Niki ManaviCan helping people find beauty on the outside provide a way to offer them beauty on the inside? Niki Manavi did just this, working for 10 years as a freelance hair and makeup artist for big time TV shows. She was born with a full consciousness, and began bringing higher consciousness and energies into the media world by impacting from behind the scenes. Manavi shares how she now Niki Manaviimpacts others as a higher self-development coach and as an instrument of higher consciousness, why food and gut health are important, and how theta healing can heal addictions. Plus, how millennial generations are made up of Indigo Children and Light Warriors. Manavi, Founder of Light YourWay (speaker, Higher-Self Development Coach, and an unstoppable LightWarrior who works with leaders, changemakers, and lightworkers around the globe to answer their highest calling), joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:


  • Niki ManaviHow Manavi was feeling like she was dropped off on wrong planet since birth, feeling displaced, rigidity around her, the many stories she was being told that didn’t feel right, like amnesia
  • Our endless dramas and polarities with people operating in ego-driven realities, and for Manavi it felt like so far from truth
  • Having a connection that superseded Manavi’s age, how wisdom is not defined by age but by presence and awareness, and how it didn’t align well with the Greek culture and why she withdrew inward
  • Becoming a hair and makeup person in TV, and how one is in close proximity with talent in their energetic sphere, and how getting hair and makeup can make you feel loved
  • How Manavi needed to segue out because the TV setting wasn’t appropriate to deliver the full message, and she started getting universal push to start Light YourWay, and be in a setting people can open up more
  • The fusion of clairaudience, clairsentience, Reiki, being used as medium to bringing higher consciousness through an energetic conduit, streaming higher frequencies to assist someone, with self development, taking essence of a higher self and bridging with development where someone doesn’t just have to switch suddenly between their other self and job, merging into the higher self completely, higher self development, in a tangible and practical manner
  • Higher self vs. ego, how the higher self doesn’t mean better or superior, but means a higher voltage, different frequency, and the fastest way to that level, and the heart is the portal to the sun
  • Feelings are not emotions, emotions are connected with ego and mind, feelings are organic and truth in your heart
  • Waiting for people to give us permission to go there, or do we need validation from external sources or being willing to not be held back by findings or research
  • Reiki, theta energetics, emotional freedom technique
  • How consciousness is upgrading to a fifth dimensional state
  • Indigos are bringing forward higher levels of frequency, different levels of consciousness merging into our world to accelerate human evolution
  • How the universe is gradual and sophisticated, effecting change smoothly and slowly, making it difficult to see it is changing all around us
  • Star seeds, Indigos, beings of light
  • Looking at how more children are being born this way, one in five, and more and more since 2012, more encodings of consciousness, with it all accelerating
  • A shortcut, and how bacteria in the gut and brains connects with receptivity to things when you don’t have good microbes in the gut, the ability to strengthen gut biotics by drinking raw milk, eating yogurts and more — resulting in dispelling lower levels, symptomatologies, not letting anyone derail you because of the support from the universe
  • The end of the world vs. the end of an old consciousness
  • Waking up consciousness in being human
  • How ultimately it is up to you, your choices, and what you think is possible

046 – Ari Zoldan – Micro Plus Macro

Ari Zoldan

Attention to both the big things and small details, searching for a spiritual awakening, and connecting authentically with people…

Ari ZoldanWhat if you were in a room at a mindfulness conference with some of your most successful peers—and you were asked to stare into the eyes of the stranger next to you for sixty seconds. Could you do it without feeling uncomfortable? This exact Ari Zoldanexperience is what launched Ari Zoldan to what to find a more authentic connection with people — and, despite a modern Orthodox Jewish upbringing, want to actively seek a spiritual awakening. He is the Chairman and CEO of Quantum Networks, LLC, whose work has spanned every aspect of the media business from developing internet business strategies to launching digital products. Coming up you’ll hear this story and surprisingly about the Ari Zoldanbenefits of unplugging from technology. Plus an intuitive reading with images of oceans and mosaic tile, and the realization that looking at the bigger and smaller pictures at the same time can lead you to a very important place, appreciating the micro details.

Zoldan joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser, and references Chan in this article featured in Inc:


In this episode:

  • Fusing good media with fluffy bad media, in an authentic way when leveraging a media platformAri Zoldan
  • Doing TV and radio, where the difficulty is not create additional fluff, creating a story without exaggerating, people appreciate when people are genuine
  • “Don’t let the truth come between you and a good story”
  • The power of saying “I don’t know”
  • The beginning of Zoldan’s spiritual journey, growing up modern Orthodox Jewish, challenging and questioning God’s existence, and wanting to connect
  • The value of disconnecting on the Sabbath
  • How not one person at a mindfulness conference could stare each other in the face, and what that meant about being uncomfortable, far from human interaction, a changing point for Zoldan, taking time away from the holiest thing in the world to him
  • Exercises for centering oneself, how exercise can be mentally calming, and crying when exercising A realization of Zoldan having no hobbies, and not having yet found something that he enjoys, going to movies by himself, and the difficulty of fully disconnecting from work
  • Seeking the excitement of a spiritual awakening, and the ideal spiritual experience, wanting to see what’s beyond this physical world
  • Why spoon-bending and daydreaming are important and related, and manifesting joy, gratitude and possibilities
  • An intuitive reading brings up visceral experiences, images of an ocean and waves, and many colors and as an art form, as a mosaic
  • Sensing and feeling movement and wholeness from far away
  • Seeing big and small details that is a strength and where Zoldan can get tripped up, seeing one particular detail or scale as more important takes him outside of the picture
  • Ignoring the blemish in the grand scheme,
  • How long I has been since seeing something that moved Zoldan

045 – Naomi Pabst – Life, Love, and Transformation

Naomi Pabst

Being the change, and how a better world begins with you…

Naomi PabstTwo phrases one doesn’t usually hear: teaching at Yale and Harvard, and being a psychic. Five  years ago Naomi Pabst walked away from academia to pursue the louder calling of her soul — teaching others on the art of life and love. She reveals how she faces judgment from peers, and about race, gender, human suffering, how past life regression can help you understand all of this, and how discovering her two year old daughter was psychic set her on a new and meaningful journey.


Naomi PabstNaomi Pabst, PhD is a transformational teacher, a writer, healer, psychic, and strategist for change agents and messengers enacting various forms of societal transformation. She joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.



In this episode:

  • How Pabst’s spiritual awakening began when her daughter was 2 years old
  • How being a psychic was received when she was a professor at Yale
  • Mastering the art of tuning out what other people think
  • How we are powerful beings and set terms for we’re experiencing
  • Discovering her daughter had psychic gifts at two years old
  • Moving in the direction of helping people
  • Applying what she learned at Yale and Harvard into the practice she has today
  • Helping people step into their purpose, step into love lives, hone intuition to improve quality of life
  • Why a better world begins with a better you, and our own pain causes other people pain
  • How her work in black studies and women’s studies relates to her work now
  • How we all go through stripping away process when transforming
  • The power of past-life regressions and Chan’s own personal past life as a sailor
  • How the surprise of research into psychic phenomena amplified Pabst’s own activations
  • How mediating daily and good self care can amplify tuition, but we override our intuition all the time, and how switching the equation can matter Adding a dimension to your life and deepen your intimacy with life itself
  • How science is not a fixed entity and is continually proving magic
  • And the desire to experiment with the fact of oneness of all of us, and the diversity

044 – Rachael Nickel – The Philosophy of Wow!

Rachael Nickel

Being present and conscious of yourself and the world around you…

Rachael NickelRachael Nickel, yoga instructor, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

Finding yoga and Reiki, a cellular biologist makes and impression, and when Nickel’s head explodes

Rachael NickelNickel discusses how she met Chan at gentle yoga session in Queens, NY, growing up without spirituality, the time she says Jesus Christ came to her, wanting to go into a Catholic church as a result, having a spiritual longing, a difficult time as a teen, being self destructive in the 1980s, and then finding yoga. Then meeting a predator yoga teacher, learning Reiki, assisting people during the dying process, learning from a nun who was an amazing healer, then Nickel had children and stopped healing, feeling as if perhaps she was not a legitimate healer. She recalls hearing from a cellular biologist who had a near death experience and went to the other side and heals at a cellular level, came home, cried, and stalked the healer—who then invited Nickel to train for a week—which has turned into three summers of training. What it is like when Nickel’s “head explodes”, hearing a rabbi talk about four ways of praying — one of which was a feeling of Wow.

Awesome Wonder, the concept of Wow, and reprogramming your mind

Rachael NickelThe space of Awesome Wonder, the incredible ways our bodies can move, telling your body you love it, the need to feel the joy and “wowness” of our own experience, we cannot heal as humans. Then hurting her back with yoga postures, resulting in the apparent inability to do yoga any more, then finding new ways to move her body. And the importance of remembering what we really are, the way out of the nightmares we live in, and we are all love embodied. The way animals are so present and joyful, “Wow” as a concept, and falling love with everything by saying you’re in love with everything. Reprogramming your mind by creating a mantra with new information.

System confinement, dogmas, and creating an awakening

Rachael NickelAbuses of power, and how it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Why Nickel doesn’t want to be confined by any system, how it is not always about love, acceptance and equality, and it can be human nature. Why things shouldn’t be stagnant—as in “here’s how you’re supposed to do things”. Following one dogma or another, how traditions can be honored and allowing foundations, but different people need different systems. Plus, how it is in the cells that healing takes place, and creating an awakening.

043 – Orly Amor – 18 Seconds

Orly Amor

The dual forces inside all of us that impact our lives and show us how to control them…

Orly AmorOrly Amor, internationally known speaker, business coach for public speakers, networking expert, certified behavioral expert, and author of “The 12 Powers We Hold Within: The Ultimate Paradigm Shift”, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

A pivotal moment, the story that’s difficult to hear, and developing a mindset mastery plan

Orly AmorAmor shares how she spoke publicly while working in property management but didn’t feel fulfilled, the drive to help other people, sharing personal stories. How her friend called every day for three weeks to convince her to speak at a women’s shelter, and the power of telling her personal story. Amor’s magnetic personality, how she saw the power of speaking, and wanted to change careers, then became a mindset mastery avid learner, evolving herself. A pivotal moment, and being told she saved someone’s life. The acknowledgment of sharing and the attention. And the extraordinary challenging path she has been on that is difficult for most people to hear, and most people wouldn’t live through it and be able to empower other people, give other people a sense of hope, and be confident and beautiful. Moving from going to many seminars, and writing how people can implement what they learn, mindset mastery, and the moment she got the blessing from her mentor for her program then put it on the shelf for a long time. Plus, conceiving Global Mentoring Center.

Discovering six books, behavior analysis, and emotional ego

Orly AmorShe discusses coming to Brooklyn to start her program, and how twelve powers were one part of whole program. A client said she should write a book, and other people did too, so she wrote the book, self published and gave them away, but only scratched the surface. Now, editors have said she has at least six books in her. She decided and negotiated that the book needed to launch on 12/12. Being a certified behavioral analyst, the science behind it, and what’s going on in brain. The five states of ego, personality profiling, modeling the DISC program, how being in an emotional ego state keeps you from learning and evolving, and how ideas can be anchored in brain the wrong way when emotional. The value of being aware of emotional states and the emotional state of others you’re dealing with.

Connecting health and wellness, growing a network, and five questions

The power of forgiveness, why she calls friends angels, “no” vs. “no for right now”, being grateful for small things, being able to receive and wanting to, and reasons not to use fear at all. Learning about faith and the need to be spiritual in that we are spirits. The bigger and stronger is inside of you. Amor on being a connector, going to a chamber of commerce event and seeing segregation, and how people were missing opportunity. How she created a bridge between professionals and health and wellness professionals with the Health and Wellness Network of Commerce which is now in 6 countries, 9 states, and 40 chapters around the world. The wheel she started that she cannot and doesn’t want to start, and how it grew all via word of mouth. How people watch you and see how you are all the time, how with giving your business will grow automatically, and being consistent with everything you do and learning something all the way. Also, five questions to end and begin your day.

042 – Philip Kasumu of Lyle – Trusting the Knowing

Philip Kasumu

Learning to trust yourself in the entrepreneurial journey…

Philip KasumuPhilip Kasumu of Lyle (an app which uses artificial intelligence to help men lose weight and empowers them to be fit and healthy) joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios (powered by Sennheiser) to talk trusting your gut and the challenging path of a tech entrepreneur, and Chan offers Kasumu an intuitive reading.

Starting Lyle, getting healthy, and a father’s inspiration

Philip KasumuKasumu discusses the moment he decided what he wanted to do, how he wasn’t crazy about his consulting job and started reading articles, building a tech news product, which then started getting some activity, but users kept coming back to read articles on nutrition as many as five times a day. How Kasumu realized maybe there is something in that. He reached out to readers to find out their biggest pain point, learned that people wanted to be told what to do, so came up with another app to help read nutrition labels which had challenges. How he discovered that successful entrepreneurs always did something unconventional, and made list of those entrepreneurs then emailed all of them. He told them he had two failed startups in London and asked if he could shadow them for free. Kasumu found that nobody talks about body shaming for men, he wrote a article while at Greatest which got a lot of traction, so he decided to start an app to help men be healthier. Lyle is an AI powered weight loss app for men, which interacts with you like a dietician would. The focus is more on nutritional value than managing calories, with a high protein-based diet based on lifestyle. Getting ingredients, understanding nutrition better and motivating men to live a healthier life; being conscious of what you’re consuming and connecting to a creative mindset—about the way people should live. Plus, the significant influence of his morbidly obese father.

An intuitive reading, navigating by knowing, and an octopus

Philip KasumuChan offers Kasumu and intuitive reading which brings images and metaphors of the use of limbs like an octopus that help map his environment, the ability to sense things that are external to his own body, and how he must trust that he is sensing these things. Also, the ability to sense detail, which allows him to navigate world with knowledge and knowing. He shares how he does have a strength in reading rooms and people, is a good networker and knows how to approach certain situations. Trusting your gut feeling, constantly moving obstacles out of the way, and how his business might have changed if he had trusted himself. Plus, the courage it all takes.

Future vision, people of color in tech, and a year in India

Where metaphor can take Kasumu in 5-10 years, how he believes Lyle will be enormous and helping million of guys become the best version of themselves. The deep issues men face that people aren’t talking about, and how this platform can be part of the solution and beyond weight loss with the effects beyond the individual. Being a person of color as a founder in the tech industry, and whom he’d like to have a conversation with. Also, why Harvard, Y Combinator, and living in India for a year would be important experiences.


041 – Allison Carmen – Maybe You

Allison Carmen

Finding hope and possibility in the Philosophy of Maybe…

Allison CarmenAllison Carmen, author of “The Gift of Maybe” and a business and life coach joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

A stressed-out attorney, losing control of one’s mind, and a fable that changed everything

Allison CarmenCarmen discusses her background as a stressed out attorney addicted to uncertainty, how a fable led her to the philosophy of maybe, getting away from the need for certainty, releasing one to greater happiness and fulfillment. Being always worried that things won’t work out, how she “wrote big story” she was going to become a lawyer and worked so long and when she reached that point, there was uncertainty again. How she couldn’t control her mind, couldn’t sleep, started to get sick, tried changing life on the outside and it didn’t work, then one day heard fable and learned that change doesn’t mean doom.

Moving to the open place of maybe, the danger of staying positive, and handling fear

Allison CarmenHow she went to the open place of maybe, many possibilities, freedom, liberation. How it keeps you open, hopeful, and how people are fearful. How does maybe relate to surrender? The danger of staying positive, having to be OK with the unknown. Steps toward hope include writing one’s biggest fear down, and all the problems that can stem from that, whether we know 100% the bad things will happen. But one realizes it won’t definitely happen, you can write maybe statements down. Maybe one will be OK no matter what. How maybe connects to action, fear leads to doing nothing. Maybe is the step before the action, handles the fear. And giving people hope, so they take action.

Having hope, retraining the mind, and using maybe in business

Carmen had no plan after graduation, as she was determined to be in her next school or nothing, she was so fixated on something happening. We still have hope if we have a philosophy of maybe. If overwhelmed by fear and negativity people say “what can I do”, but as a maybe thinker, “if I don’t know the answer, what happens next, I can do anything”. The need to retrain minds, that all things are possible. How adults are the ones who lock children down into the “you need to know” mindset, despite coming from love and thinking about keeping them safe with knowledge. Using the maybe mindset in a business mindset, an example of how the idea of maybe gave a client hope and changed his life, how with a maybe mindset one can be adaptable and see what is going on in surroundings, see other ideas, and the quality of life changes if mindset changes. Being more present, and seeing ideas and possibilities more if you are in the moment.

040 – GP Walsh of Master Heart Institute – Look Closer

GP Walsh

Understanding yourself and the way the human system actually works with GP Walsh…

GP WalshGP Walsh, Founder of Master HEART Institute, speaker, author, leader, spiritual teacher, meditation master, EFT expert and composer, joins Julie Chan at the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

A gloomy cloud, one fateful night on a bridge, and hearing a voice

GP WalshWalsh discusses his tough childhood with a missing father and mentally ill mother, being under a gloomy cloud, joining a rock band, became darker and more cynical, and how 45 years ago at 19 his closest friend ended their relationship. How Walsh was a horrible person, played rock and “got wasted”, and was going nowhere. One night with hashish that was filled with terror when he thought he was going to die and was happy about it, standing on a bridge looking down at polluted river, and hearing a voice saying “Look closer” and “all the light”.

The myth of getting rid of the negative, showing the brain the war is over, and the power of the ego

GP WalshThe disconnect between our life and wanting to contribute, the things that get in the way of it, trying to get rid of all that stuff and getting rid of the negative. Everything has a purpose, everything is generated from the nervous system, how the natural expression of who you are runs into something in the environment that says that’s not OK, and how most self help is that there is something wrong with you and you need to be fixed—instead Walsh does the opposite. There’s nothing wrong with you, show the brain that the war is over, a transformation is quickly made, the independent power of the ego that is manufactured by the mind. And who you are vs. a momentary reality.

The future, transformation, and an incoming mass shift

The future of holistic wellness, how the nervous system’s whole purpose is to stay safe and stay whole. The reality of transformation, how we’re waking up the reality of who we are. And what science should show for another mass shift, and how the influence of love and acceptance will be demonstrated to be physiological.

039 – Angie Byun of Conde Nast – Full Potential and a Victory Pose

Angie Byun

Mindset tools for being your best self and finding success…

Angie ByunAngie Byun, Head of International – Innovation Collection at Conde Nast, joins Julie Chan for a conversation on being an Asian woman at a high level in a competitive field, using mindset to maximize success, the power of giving to others, definitions of spirituality, victory poses, and personality tests, along with an intuitive reading. Recorded in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

Climbing the ladder, a thick skin and body language, and a museum is church

Angie ByunByun discusses her background and what brought her business skills at a high level, her work at Jones Apparel Group, then moving to Conde Nast as a lawyer, becoming involved more, stretching herself, and 10 years later overseeing international business development for companies like Golf Digest, and the Conde Nast innovation collection (mostly men’s titles). She talks about being a woman and being Asian in this particular field, the need to develop a thick skin, how communication including body language is key, why you should not let other people peel the onion, what defines a spiritual feeling for her, and why going to a museum is like going to church.

Victory poses, being an expert, and the power of giving

Angie ByunShe touches on victory poses, teaching at Fordham Law School, providing value as an in-demand speaker, how young people ask about career advice, why it is crucial to become an expert in something, and why how you present yourself, a firm handshake and eye contact are all crucial to success. Being savvy and sophisticated, how it is all about follow up, why giving is how you build true meaningful relationships, and why you benefit more when you give more.

An intuitive reading, constancy, and personality tests

Chan offers an intuitive reading with clouds, serenity, constancy, joy, awe, and how one’s own perspective makes it appear you are not moving when you are. Getting lost in the moment of constancy. Being enthralled in the play of internal and external, and being distracted from awe, discovery and wonder. Plus, personality tests such as Meyers Briggs, extroverts vs. introverts, intuitive vs. sensing, and more.

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