093 – Yanira Crespo – Soul Contract

Yanira Crespo

Yanira CrespoNo matter what you go through, your soul chooses to go through difficult journeys in order to learn, and to gain perspective. The soul knows it can handle that challenge— because that’s what it is there for. It’s a glimpse of hope when things get tough. Yanira Crespo knows.

Yanira Crespo is a spiritual life coach, her company The Yanira Method, and she is a fighter, and a survivor. She joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Yanira on earning she had fibromyalgia
  • Not accepting a disability
  • Knowing if she was able to do that, can pull herself out of her body, but find out source of pain
  • Discovered all unhealed trauma stored in soul
  • Creating symptoms in body as a messenger that she needed to healYanira Crespo
  • Yanira on getting herself out of the wheelchair
  • A very emotional experience
  • Struggled with who she was as a person, always felt like an outcast, like she had no purpose
  • How Yanira tried to commit suicide three times
  • What gave her hope
  • Her approach to show a glimpse of light of hope for people in deaths of depression and despair
  • A soul contract, and predestined experiences to live out, for soul evolution
  • When people need psychiatric treatment also, and when you can heal beyond managing symptoms
  • Watching her child go through pain without being able to help
  • An unmanaged gift in her son and healing past lives
  • How healing ourselves heals those around us
  • Don’t ignore the healing that the soul is crying for
  • Trusting your inner compass
  • Protection from the onslaught of New York City
  • Protecting our energies, protective meditations

092 – A Valentine’s Day Message and Reading on Love

Inspired by Valentine’s Day this week, Julie shares a channeled reading from the Akashic Records on the subject of love, and some thoughts and ideas of her own.

091 – Richelle Fredson of Purposeful Platforms – Being Seen

Richelle Fredson

If you were to oversee publicity and marketing for a major publisher of self help, inspirational and transformational books for a decade and a half—you’d probably learn something, and be impacted enough for your life to transform…

Richelle FredsonRichelle Fredson, Founder & President at Purposeful Platforms, Inc. (platform-building for new authors), joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Working in publishing at Hayhouse
  • Powerful work of working with so many spiritual authors
  • How Richelle had no connection to spiritual world before that
  • How she was a kid in school reading Cliff Notes, wasn’t a book reader
  • Getting so much from energy of space when she first considered the job
  • Deeply spiritual magical work, a direct conflict to the big corporate clients she was workingRichelle Fredson
  • Tuning into our bodies
  • Energy is crucial in decision making
  • 15 Incredible years at Hayhouse
  • Favorite clients and things to work in
  • Learning to tune into our own intuition
  • If you dont allow someone to feel the change quickly they probably wont stick with it
  • Being a student of teachings, helping to propel platforms forward
  • When first started one could not find self help in a book store, considered cult work, evolution in fast time in spiritual and wellness industry
  • A change in conversations in business
  • Being an entrepreneur navigating business and spirituality
  • Influence
  • Mission-driven work
  • Why she started Purposeful PlatformsRichelle Fredson
  • Your unique story
  • A book is a tool of growing a bigger business—what is mission of the book, writing a book is a long haul, requires a thick skin, not letting others deter you
  • Being in the teacher’s seat, heart-centered work
  • Manifesting the ideal life
  • Everyone wants to feel more joy in their life, so teaching from that place while providing information to take action
  • All that matters to the reader is that they resonate with your voice
  • Finding the right language and terminology, psychic vs. intuitive

090 – Ron Rapatalo – Best Self

Ron Rapatalo

Ron RapataloSelf awareness: this may be an undervalued resource — but for Ron Rapatalo self awareness may be an art form. His focus has led him to success and exceptional personal growth: tips for getting hired in senior leadership roles, about bias and racism in hiring, and why our action and habits matter, the power of  intuition when you’re Ron Rapatalonetworking, how Ron has been discovering his own identity as an empath, and the way a recent intuitive purpose reading has tangibly impacted his life…

Ron Rapatalo, an Executive Search expert in K-12 education, a mens personal stylist, a fitness trainer, and self proclaimed  silliest person on earth, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Working with non-profits and executive search, why Ron’s been drawn to this work, what people can learn
  • Other careers before landing on current one
  • How he wanted to give back to education due too immigrant parents
  • How he’s always good at telling a story, and at asking the right questions, and his neuroscience knowledge
  • A deep sense of understanding how this country has functioned historically
  • Not always about the skill set—often about who you know, and which can be within racial divides
  • Executive positions often require someone to advocate
  • The more were are aware of the better we can advocate for
  • Virtually anyone can learn to recruit well
  • Networking and listening, and signals with body language and positioning
  • Using intuition to read a room, entering conversations
  • About charismatic leaders and backing it all up with content
  • A purpose reading and coaching session
  • Bringing people together with purpose
  • Is high energy actually ideal energy?

089 – Noah Levy – Cultivating Strength

Noah Levy

Noah LevyBattling anxiety, why a breakup with an addict after six years changed everything, managing panic attacks on live TV, mind over matter and observing one’s own thoughts, loneliness, sadness, and how you give yourself closure, and cultivating strength…

Noah Levy, who  works in Content Creation, as a TV & Podcast Producer, and in Brand Development, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

  • The first moment Noah became aware of the spiritual and metaphysical world around him
  • Noah’s childhood growing up in Brunswick, ME and his obsession with TV; MTV, commercials, and infomercials – specifically psychic hotlines
  • How he used to stay home sick from school so he could call in
  • Learning to distinguish between what’s “real” and what’s “1-800.”
  • Discovering Louise Hay and her teachings while attending NYU
  • How to change your thoughts so to change your realityNoah Levy
  • Learning compassion for not only others, but yourself as well
  • Working thru anger, and how envisioning who you may be mad at as a little child is beneficial and can place things in perspective
  • Pause/Halt – Do not react, the importance of thinking through your actions instead of reacting
  • The importance of reaching out, you should avoid isolating.
  • Noah’s history as a magazine editor and his run on TV as a co-host on VH1’s The Gossip Table
  • Noah’s ultimate realization that TV is weighed down by ego and over competitiveness
  • Compare/Despair – Stop comparing yourself to others and wallowing over why great things aren’t happening to you — you lose sight of what’s important
  • Noah’s delayed Saturn return at 30
  • Working thru a tumultuous relationship and recognizing the signs of codependency
  • How to deal with anxiety attacks, it’s mind over matter
  • The realization that closure doesn’t come from someone else, and that perhaps rejection is God’s protection
  • How resisting emotions can only intensify their effects
  • The negative effects of social media and how it’s creating more isolated people.
  • The shame that surrounds mental illness and loneliness
  • Noah’s intuitive reading and his reflections

088 – Susan Correa of art & eden – A Business Built to Care


Would you be willing to leave everything you built because you discovered your business is harming the planet–and then build something new as part of the solution?

Susan Correa, Founder/CEO of art & eden (organic, eco-friendly, and ethical children’s clothing brand offering an affordable selection of organic cotton clothing for kids and babies) joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • The inspiration for art & eden – how Susan was building and leading two multi-million dollar companies – but in her personal life was searching for deeper meaning
  • Asking what is the compelling reason to exist, and how do you bring that to market?
  • Looking at the ecological impact of every part of your business from manufacturing to sourcing to packaging, from conventional to organic
  • Why she went into infant and baby-wear
  • The unfolding of many serendipitous moments
  • Why her best decision was surviving an early test to launch a medical program
  • How a tiny brand new brand got many amazing collaborations, and many recognitions
  • A business built to care
  • Allowing the rational brain to analyze a chance to make something work that doesn’t swing the financial situation in a bad way
  • An intuitive reading including images reminiscent of Georgia O‘Keefe, a flower, a beacon of light, the eye catching not just a light

087- Rozanne Gold – Nourishment, Body and Mind

Rozanne Gold

How a celebrated chef, author, journalist, and philanthropist became an end-of-life doula and a mother in her 50’s, and why it’s all about nourishment, poetry, and a feeling of home…

Rozanne Gold, chef, journalist, cookbook author, international restaurant consultant, and  four-time winner of the James Beard Award, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In the episode:

  • How Rozanne got into food, the swoon factor, and impact of the book “Heidi”
  • Food as a language for newer generations
  • Food as a place to gather together
  • Menu language as poetry
  • The similarity of poets and chefs
  • Getting into cooking, not really much for women at the time, being in the  food revolution of 1970’s, and how few women went to cooking school at that timeRozanne Gold
  • Wanting to feel loved, how cooking was Rozanne’s  art form
  • Restaurants mashing up architecture, design, food, and are places people go to be happy
  • Then writing cookbooks – the how the whole umbrella is nourishment
  • Becoming an End of Life Doula, looking death in the face after her mother’s death
  • Why she took on the role of doula, how it is a way to bear witness, people shouldn’t die alone, really seeing the other person
  • The moment when her mother passed, how it was sacred
  • Julie offers a reading – with a cat, and how it like a prose poem
  • Feeling at home at your own kitchen table
  • Becoming a first time mom at 53 years old (adopting an 11 year old)
  • Writing 13 cookbooks, and Rozanne reads from one “Desserts 1,2,3” with poetry in it
  • How things we are connected to for ourselves make us
  • How Rozanne’s mother’s death allowed her to begin two meaningful new chapters in her lfe
  • And the word – home

086 – Titania Veda – A Sense of Belonging and Home


What does your presence mean to another person’s experience? Or to an event? Or even to a city you are visiting?

TitaniaIt might not be something you think about. But for Titania Veda? It’s the way she lives. Discover finding connections and a sense of belonging wherever global travels take you, gratitude from the homeless, being a work in progress, why cuddle parties don’t require you to actually cuddle, and why a fireball makes its way into a purpose reading…

Titania Veda, Communications Strategist & Program Manager, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studio, powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • The cities Titania loves
  • People and cultures she’s discovered, a love of New YorkTitania
  • Lonely-making places
  • Great equalizers – bathrooms and subways
  • Moving towards social entrepreneurs who needed help, as communications consultant, propelling positive stories
  • Wielding the flame
  • Discovering other strategies to find happiness
  • Contributing to a city when visiting, practicing kindness
  • Everyone has the same needs, we all have different strategies to get there

085 – Sansan Fibri of DreaMe – An Unfiltered View of The Core Self


An AI-Powered Dream Interpretation App, providing people with personalized self-insights derived from their nightly dreams…

DreaMeSansan Fibri, Filmmaker and Founder of DreaMe (the world’s first and ONLY AI-powered, Jung-inspired Dream Interpretation App) joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • An AI-powered dream interpretation app
  • Sansan on the path that led her to the creation of the app
  • Sansan’s background in filmmaking, storytelling, being a vivid dreamer, remembering dreams
  • Jungian dream analysis, how research shows dreams are where we process through our deepest issues, regulates emotions
  • Lighting your way ahead like a map, orienting, an emotional roadmap, the GPS of life
  • Knowledge of oneself at a deep unfiltered level is ultimate power
  • Common to have big fires in dreams
  • Dreams as dry runs for things we’re preparing forDreaMe
  • Starting by wanting an app for better insights into dream interpretation—all existing apps she could find were dream dictionaries
  • The meaning of a dream depends on the dreamer
  • “Planet of the Apps” casting from Apple, DreaMe got to the finals,
  • How that application process gave validation to be doing this
  • A Global Dream Wisdom Bank
  • Being able to learn from dream interpretation about potential health or mental prevention or early detection
  • A big shift in the collective unconscious but dreams have been largely ignored
  • An unfiltered view to our core self
  • And a discovery 25 years later leads to forgiveness, and new level of father-daughter relationship