094 – Your inspired Action Challenge – 1

Julie kicks off “Your Inspired Action” Challenge! Each week for the next month, she’ll be sharing insights and lessons learned from her own life and a challenge for you to come up with “inspired actions” that help you move further towards the life and career you want.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • what an inspired action is
  • how Julie decided to take a songwriting class based on an intuitive spark
  • the steps involved to help you make decisions
  • how “reasons” and “excuses” can get in the way of taking action and what to do in the face of them
  • the benefit of the Google search to get you started
  • how “being a songwriter” shifted how she behaved and saw the world
  • seeing through the lens of who you want to be
  • this week’s challenge to identify who you want to be (for ex, a songwriter, a spiritual healer, a product manager, someone who will get promoted, etc)
  • how to take your next inspired action step towards that new identity through experimentation
Remember to tell us what you inspired action steps you are committing to this week! Email me at julie@beingmypurpose.com or leave a comment right here!

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