090 – Ron Rapatalo – Best Self

Ron RapataloSelf awareness: this may be an undervalued resource — but for Ron Rapatalo self awareness may be an art form. His focus has led him to success and exceptional personal growth: tips for getting hired in senior leadership roles, about bias and racism in hiring, and why our action and habits matter, the power of  intuition when you’re Ron Rapatalonetworking, how Ron has been discovering his own identity as an empath, and the way a recent intuitive purpose reading has tangibly impacted his life…

Ron Rapatalo, an Executive Search expert in K-12 education, a mens personal stylist, a fitness trainer, and self proclaimed  silliest person on earth, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Working with non-profits and executive search, why Ron’s been drawn to this work, what people can learn
  • Other careers before landing on current one
  • How he wanted to give back to education due too immigrant parents
  • How he’s always good at telling a story, and at asking the right questions, and his neuroscience knowledge
  • A deep sense of understanding how this country has functioned historically
  • Not always about the skill set—often about who you know, and which can be within racial divides
  • Executive positions often require someone to advocate
  • The more were are aware of the better we can advocate for
  • Virtually anyone can learn to recruit well
  • Networking and listening, and signals with body language and positioning
  • Using intuition to read a room, entering conversations
  • About charismatic leaders and backing it all up with content
  • A purpose reading and coaching session
  • Bringing people together with purpose
  • Is high energy actually ideal energy?

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