085 – Sansan Fibri of DreaMe – An Unfiltered View of The Core Self

An AI-Powered Dream Interpretation App, providing people with personalized self-insights derived from their nightly dreams…

DreaMeSansan Fibri, Filmmaker and Founder of DreaMe (the world’s first and ONLY AI-powered, Jung-inspired Dream Interpretation App) joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • An AI-powered dream interpretation app
  • Sansan on the path that led her to the creation of the app
  • Sansan’s background in filmmaking, storytelling, being a vivid dreamer, remembering dreams
  • Jungian dream analysis, how research shows dreams are where we process through our deepest issues, regulates emotions
  • Lighting your way ahead like a map, orienting, an emotional roadmap, the GPS of life
  • Knowledge of oneself at a deep unfiltered level is ultimate power
  • Common to have big fires in dreams
  • Dreams as dry runs for things we’re preparing forDreaMe
  • Starting by wanting an app for better insights into dream interpretation—all existing apps she could find were dream dictionaries
  • The meaning of a dream depends on the dreamer
  • “Planet of the Apps” casting from Apple, DreaMe got to the finals,
  • How that application process gave validation to be doing this
  • A Global Dream Wisdom Bank
  • Being able to learn from dream interpretation about potential health or mental prevention or early detection
  • A big shift in the collective unconscious but dreams have been largely ignored
  • An unfiltered view to our core self
  • And a discovery 25 years later leads to forgiveness, and new level of father-daughter relationship

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