082 – Laura Hames Franklin – The Magic and Humor of the Universe

Transforming body, business, and life…

LauraLaura Hames Franklin, Creator of the Universal Health Principles and Founder of Wholly Shift and Starship Mastermind, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • How Julie and Laura were sitting on a rock in Central Park, and magic happened
  • How Laura’s spiritual journey began, and she’s always been on a journey, always something different about her, always questioning the normLaura
  • When she was in dance college, found a book about body, mind, and it meant so much with her and she never took book back to the college
  • Moving to NYC, and how Laura had a feeling it was her destination, magic seemed to happen there
  • Being pulled out of her logic box over and over
  • WhenLaura learned body talk
  • Learning the Franklin method (Eric Franklin, whom she ultimately ended up marrying)
  • If you don’t know how to activate everything in your body and mind, you can only get so far
  • Laura realizing her journey is to bring those pieces together, gave it a voice
  • Created a system called universal health principals
  • How the body heals, connected to big energy field, wisdom
  • Dissolving layers of aspects of herself she thought was her but weren’t
  • Demolishing aspects of business to be free to be herself
  • Not believing the story on the surfaceLaura
  • The difference in thinking paradigms between her and her husband
  • Key aspects of the physics of universe
  • How you are the whole point, and about individuality, but connected to an all knowing intelligence energy field
  • An incredible spirit-animal moment of energy
  • Feeling connected to energy all around you
  • The humor of the universe

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