079 – Pt. 1 – Dr. Anna Huff, Dr. Teresa Reyes Castillo, and Terri Galuszka – Blending Psychology and Spirituality – Part 1

When psychology meets spirituality in therapy…

Anna, Teresa, TerriClinical psychologists and wives Dr. Anna Huff and Dr. Teresa Reyes Castillo, along with Terri Galuszka (clairvoyant medium and healer with Visions of Light) — who together operate a coaching practice,  join Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • What brought Anna and Teresa to collaborate – met in graduate school
  • How they were overwhelmed in grad school, and it was a struggle as demands so high, and demands of relationship so hard because being twin flames
  • Reaching a place on the journey, almost a stopping point
  • Went on retreat on California, realized more about purpose as psychologists, opened a world with a different way of helping and working with people, purpose in the field
  • Taking psychology to a different level and introducing spirituality
  • Working together as co-therapists, and meeting TerriAnna, Teresa, Terri
  • How Anne and Teresa thought they would work with couples but that didn’t happen and instead worked with individual people
  • Terri sets landscape with a reading ahead of other therapy work, sets picture of person that’s clear to work with and process and integrate information set up for them
  • How this fast-tracks people
  • How Terri is a Jersey girl, raised by British mother who was a healer, several people in her generational family that were healers and clairvoyants, trained carefully with humility, passion, trust
  • Terri’s father was navigational engineer whose mother read tea leaves and  read Tarot
  • Teri did ghostbusting with family
  • Seeing energy come in, how Terri can read energy grids around body, can see were the trauma is, and pinpoint it
  • An example of a patient at a crossroads
  • Explaining the complex work done – complex yet there is a clear and dynamic flow
  • Having a way to go in both conscious and unconscious
  • Pulling certain layers of the unconscious into the conscious where the psychologists can work
  • An impromptu reading and session with Julie stirs up deep emotions, and a journey of recovery for her sight
  • Cognitive dissonance in the field, when something is right and wrong at the same time
  • Energy fields and disturbances
  • Finding the intersection of simple and complex

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