076 – Cardozie Jones of True North EDI – All Eyes on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Cardozie JonesHow loss of sight propelled a new path of Equity, Diversity, and Interdependence to create spaces in which reflection and action-oriented dialogue result in transformed communities…

Cardozie Jones, a NYC-based educator, artist, and consultant, and Founder and Lead Facilitator at True North EDI ( facilitating workshops and trainings, coaching and developing teams and leaders, and consulting and supporting systems-level change), joins host Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Cardozie Jones on what shapes him
  • When he was starting to have vision issues
  • Multiple surgeries on his eye, eyesight faded
  • Starting at school at NYU on 9/11
  • Deciding his pathCardozie Jones
  • Believing it must be possible to make a living and feel free
  • Moved to Hunter College, and was the only “brown body” in his class and he realized the ‘system” was broken
  • A one way ticket to Paris, writing, and why it was a checkpoint
  • How to get this life in Paris his life in NYC all the time
  • Raising $55k in three months for a theater production, an artistic apex
  • Creating True North consulting firm
  • Equity, diversion, and inclusionCardozie Jones
  • Being able to say “no” in working with people you don’t want to, and having meetings about aligning values
  • How Jones doesn’t have to say “please need me”
  • How people can shape equity where they are working
  • Pillars of what’s possible for change
  • Giving people the opportunities to be successful, creating a world and spaces for each human being to thrive

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