065 – Dena Merriam – Time Traveler

The workings of karma and relevance of past lives…

DenaDena Merriam, Author of “My Journey Through Time: A Spiritual Memoir of Life, Death, and Rebirth”, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • How Merriam got started on her current track, experiencing past life memories, and the book she wrote which describes it all in detail
  • The first moment she realized something was going on beyond the experience of people around her
  • How she began serious meditation practice and started having dreams, opening the door for her
  • For several years continually dreaming of a house, always same house, which left her with longing and sadness
  • How a man entered life talking in Russian and about Russia, and she saw a child at he start of 1900s in Russia
  • Watching scenes in meditation, a lot of emotion
  • Becoming a kind of detective, trying to understand how she fit into the identities of the people in the dreams
  • Living in multiple times and how you balance thatDena
  • Connecting people in her current life with their previous lives, and trying to keep it all together
  • Once she could verify parts of previous lives, she just started accepting
  • How nothing is accidental, everything had an earlier beginning
  • Being ready for the responsibility of sharing publicly
  • Trepidations
  • How Karma is becoming accepted in the mainstream
  • People are looking at death in a new way
  • The things that move with you through various lives
  • Learning about her own child, watching him following seeds from prior lives as they carry rom past and those things fell away over time
  • Why she thinks more about the formation of the future than the past
  • Working off karma from the past
  • General business evolution along with spirituality in general, and how it is due to mindfulness movement
  • Why the energy in the younger generation offers hope
  • Racism not finished today from before
  • Why she doesn’t recommend past life regressions
  • How someone can look at their life and the need to reflect especially on aspirations
  • How her mind is in the past and future
  • How we create the world and choose the moment to fulfill it
  • How past lives can guide creative activity
  • Why it is important to start people along the path earlier
  • Love guides us forward and stays with us

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