063 – Joe Carrano of The Knowledge House – Bringing Talent Out of Hiding

Joe CarranoPlacing young adults at the center of leading innovation in their neighborhoods to spur community-based economic development, in The Knowledge House…

Joe Carrano, Co-Founder of The Knowledge House, a non-profit investing in the next generation of technologists in the South Bronx, NY, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this epiosde:

  • About The Knowledge House and Carrano’s start running a business incubator in South Bronx, a lot of ideas batting around in his head on how people in lower income areas can get into the economy in a ground up way, lot of people with great ideas but no talent structure to implement ideas.
  • From graffiti artists to tech teacher
  • Learning to code by actually doing it
  • As Carrano’s skillset got better, seeing the potential
  • Funding at The Knowledge House from 50% grant, 50% revenue
  • Building a tool kit for people to create their own ideas
  • Creating an ecosystem and network to support work
  • Most people at The Knowledge House are career-bound students in early 20s, mostly Black and Latino, some Asian
  • Students are mostly about being broke and smart
  • Already in the students there is a resilience, mechanism for surviving every day
  • Incredible examples of work students have created that have high productivity and potential
  • Companies that come specifically as a result of diverse lifeJoe Carrano
  • An intuitive reading reveals owing people results
  • Carrano liking anonymity
  • Embracing being an uncomfortable role model
  • The need to talk to people from the streets so people know the opportunities available to them
  • The ability to change a lot of things
  • Hiding behind more polished members of organization
  • Taking yourself out of hiding and be more public, to share authentic message
  • Dealing with imperfection

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