060 – Bill Bennett – At the Intersection of Life and Intuition

Award-winning Australian filmmaker Bill Bennett on intuition and the genesis and making of the documentary “PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System”…

Bill BennettBill Bennett, whose numerous feature films and documentaries have won many awards, including Australia’s equivalent of the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director, and been nominated a further twelve times, and Australia’s equivalent of the Emmy for Most Outstanding Documentary, has had his work distributed through several Hollywood studios and screened at some of the world’s most prestigious film festivals. Bennett joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios in New York (powered by Sennheiser) to discuss his documentary film “PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System” exploring the nature and existence of intuition.

In this episode:

  • Why Bennett started in 1999 working on a documentary about intuition after a near fatal crash in New Orleans at an intersection – he was saved because of hearing a voice telling him to slow down, intuition
  • Deciding to make a documentary, how it took 18 yearsBill Bennett
  • Why it mattered that Bennett came from skeptical and journalistic backgrounds
  • How he was successful at getting movies made, but couldn’t get the film made the way he made previous films, by sheer force of will
  • When Bennett decided he needed to decide in the morning, then had a dream that told him about making the film however he can in a non traditional way, and just to do it and begin it
  • How he woke up at 4:44 am after that dream, and found meaning in that time in being surrounded by angels and spirit guides
  • Than, flying to India, giving himself over entirely to guidance and intuitionBill Bennett
  • How he knew no one in India who could help him, and had nothing lined up despite knowing movie people in India
  • Having a clear recollection from previous trips of a billboard about an institute, asked to come and interview the director about intuition – then when he found out there never was billboard
  • Meeting a living saint, and was directed from person to person with top experts in intuition from all over the world
  • Being in awe of powers that worked through him to make the film
  • Intuition exists, how we all have it, the purpose it has to keep us on our life path
  • How intuition can be regarded as a legitimate functioning system in the body, but works in the energetic realm
  • Science hasn’t figured out a way to empirically prove it, so it is largely ignored by Western science
  • Germs were only discovered 150 years ago, so what else does science not know?Bill Bennett
  • The rational mind wants to keep us in what’s real because that’s safe, ego is about survival
  • Intuition goes into the unknown
  • People accept fear as a part of their lives and don’t even question it
  • From fear to intuition
  • How Bennett got to the point of being largely devoid of fear
  • Having good karma and what you do with that second chance, accepting fulfilling your function/purpose, or death is to impact on someone else
  • Being his purpose to make the film and make people aware of the journey he’s been on, not to prosthelytize
  • Survival intuition to sense threat or menace
  • Cognitive intuition based on expert and even forgotten knowledge, intellect and training based
  • Mystical or divine intuition, from the soul
  • Stopping to allow yourself to listen to the intuitive impulses that come to you, pay attention
  • Healing relationship with sister
  • Why Bennett doesn’t feel disappointment anymore
  • People are aspects of the divine, like us
  • The ways the film has impacted others
  • The toughest screening was the one at which his family saw the film, as he doesn’t think they believe he’s changed
  • What he learned from James Van Praagh saying he’s nervous
  • First thought, best thought
  • A life changing moment for Julie that becomes an inspiration and awakening

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