040 – GP Walsh of Master Heart Institute – Look Closer

Understanding yourself and the way the human system actually works with GP Walsh…

GP WalshGP Walsh, Founder of Master HEART Institute, speaker, author, leader, spiritual teacher, meditation master, EFT expert and composer, joins Julie Chan at the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

A gloomy cloud, one fateful night on a bridge, and hearing a voice

GP WalshWalsh discusses his tough childhood with a missing father and mentally ill mother, being under a gloomy cloud, joining a rock band, became darker and more cynical, and how 45 years ago at 19 his closest friend ended their relationship. How Walsh was a horrible person, played rock and “got wasted”, and was going nowhere. One night with hashish that was filled with terror when he thought he was going to die and was happy about it, standing on a bridge looking down at polluted river, and hearing a voice saying “Look closer” and “all the light”.

The myth of getting rid of the negative, showing the brain the war is over, and the power of the ego

GP WalshThe disconnect between our life and wanting to contribute, the things that get in the way of it, trying to get rid of all that stuff and getting rid of the negative. Everything has a purpose, everything is generated from the nervous system, how the natural expression of who you are runs into something in the environment that says that’s not OK, and how most self help is that there is something wrong with you and you need to be fixed—instead Walsh does the opposite. There’s nothing wrong with you, show the brain that the war is over, a transformation is quickly made, the independent power of the ego that is manufactured by the mind. And who you are vs. a momentary reality.

The future, transformation, and an incoming mass shift

The future of holistic wellness, how the nervous system’s whole purpose is to stay safe and stay whole. The reality of transformation, how we’re waking up the reality of who we are. And what science should show for another mass shift, and how the influence of love and acceptance will be demonstrated to be physiological.

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