032 – Steve Little – Waterfall of Success

Social missions and business success…

Steve Little, founder of Zero Limits Ventures and an entrepreneur specializing in accelerating valuation growth and creating highly successful exits who runs a boutique investment banking firm (profile), joins Julie Chan for a discussion of the meaning of real success, why businesses need to be bigger than their businesses, the pathway of love and contribution, and Hawaiian clearing technique. Plus, an intuitive reading hits home. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network studios in New York City, powered by Sennheiser.

A superpower, Ho’oponopono, and the Amazon

Little discusses his personal superpower, the ability to quickly understand the dynamics and potential of a business, as there are many intricate aspects of building a successful business which are often ignored. He recalls being so unhappy and crying on the way to work every day despite tremendous business success, while having no way to move in his own life, despite the superpower and despite a luxurious life. He talks how he decided to quit in order to survive and to be happy, with no new plan in place, and how this put him on a spiritual journey. He reviews self-actualization, self-realization, and how he studied so many things and connected with Dr. Hew Len, teacher of the Hawaiian technique Ho’oponopono, clearing technique based on entire experience is based on beliefs, which determine how you experience life. How mentioned how you have multiple ways of reacting, knowing everyone is expressing the highest level of love of available to them. How this keeps him balanced throughout the day, getting past things that are disruptive, and being on a pathway of love and contribution. How things become visible and revealed, via techniques to get more clarity. Little reveals how he studied with an indigenous tribe in the Amazon, learning a sense of openness and as part of his discovery of techniques around the world. He relates how he was led to creating The Perfect Biz Finder Program accessed by more than 200,000 people, and how your business has to be about something bigger than your business.

Social missions in business, a vision of contribution, and influencing family

A unique approach looking for companies with a social mission, and imparting spiritual principles to Little’s children, knowing what you want to do with a business success, and seeing that as success. Being focused on developing that vision of contribution in the network of human passions, how there can be a significant correlation between valuation and mission orientation, and the mistake of a social mission when specific as a marketing strategy to drive business. And how exposure to Little’s coaching of executives of socially conscious firms led his daughters to grow up with those sensibilities and view of the world including empathy and spiritual tendencies.

A waterfall, a journey with a Shaman, and awareness

An intuitive reading from Chan bring images of standing at the base of a waterfall with a powerful force, being unscathed despite the danger and excitement being so close, testing boundaries, understanding what it means to stand safely, and deciding between peace or access to the world. Finding the location of respite, an experience with the Shaman in the Amazon, and Little going on a journey and finding his space spot — and being in that space. A duality between peacefulness and raging power, an ill-advised fearlessness, and keeping going, not being dissuaded. Plus, how blending spiritual principals as part of business becomes a multiplying catalyst, and the impact of awareness.

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