027 – Sherry Zhang of Tai Chi Solution – Harmony in Slow Motion

Martial arts and your best self…

Sherry Zhang, Founder of Tai Chi Solution and a Wushu Master (profile), joins Julie Chan for a conversation about Tai Chi, wushu, Qi Gong and the impact of martial arts, along with a demonstration. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network Studios, powered by Sennheiser.

Starting at six years old, counterbalance, and slow motion

Zhang discusses meeting Chan at Bamboo Moves in Queens, how she started martial arts at six years old in spite of a passion for dance, internal vs. external martial arts, how Tai Chi is slow and deliberate movements, slow breathing, health aspects, looking for counterbalance, and using opposite elements. She shares information on the focus of slow motion as a great benefit for health and how it helps relax.

Scientific research, energy flow, and Chi Gong

The use of slow breathing and correct posture, and a scientific research background on martial arts. Theory and benefits, happy and joy, and when the energy is flowing. How the goal in practicing Tai Chi is looking for energy flow through body. Qi Gong spends time on that, body posture and movement, and meditation is key. And a brief in-studio exercise, and the challenge being too much in your head.

Increasing energy, staying grounded, and finding harmony

Integrating philosophy and lifestyle of Tai Chi into her own life, increasing energy level to decrease negative energy, dealing with objections, not letting other people get you down, the need to be grounded, how there are so many distractions and the incoming information overwhelming, and finding harmony. Being surrounded by positive people, exercising, community, and great energy. How Tai Chi creates harmony, and Zhang’s desire to inspire and encourage people to take control of their health and lives.

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  1. David Courier September 29, 2017 at 3:09 pm

    Enjoyed this interview with Sherry Zhang– she is so joyful!


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