026 – Virginia Mason of Fleeting Connections – Getting Carded

Tarot cards and intuitive healing…

Virginia Mason, Reiki Master, psychic healer, and founder of Fleeting Connections (a wellness company offering private services, events, and content designed to connect you more deeply with these experiences in your own life, shake you from the stories that hold you back and open you to your most fulfilling, magical life – (profile)) joins Julie Chan for a conversation about intuitive healing, tarot cards, and the intersection with science. Plus Mason gives Chan a tarot card reading that reveals some big news. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network Studios, powered by Sennheiser.

Discovering tarot, Buddhism, and anthropology

Mason laments the issue with the word psychic, describes her background in science and physical anthropology, how she was strict Atheist, and went from non-profit to real estate, realized her life outside of these things in alternative wellness modalities, and found she had so many dreams that came true. How she was struggling with diseases, and all of symptoms went away. What was a primary driver to her exploring, when she was introduced to “When Things Fall Apart”, and she finally identified with Buddhism and got into meditation, Shambala. Crossing into the healing, how more and more evidence built, and creating space for whatever wants to come in to come in. Interest in anthropological factors from culture to anatomy, what’s fueling all of it, how she spent a lot of time in philosophy classes in college. Looking at people, pulling from different perspectives to figure them out, and another lens. The tarot as a form of divination using cards, tied to a game in the 1400’s.

Overcoming skepticism, tarot as a mirror, and seeing patterns

How she originally thought tarot was weird, but was into trying things, felt connected to pictures on the cards, and telling a story. How tarot creates a boundary, pulls from information that’s flowing. How mason is able to give intuitive reading without cards, but it is less draining to use the cards. Skepticism, and the way you’re supposed to receive your first tarot cards. The way tarot acts as a mirror, helping you see context or a story. Overcoming skepticism, applying skepticism to her own tarot experiences, seeing patterns helped eliminate her skepticism, and how it is not her job to alleviate their skepticism. Something is happening with the cards, but when you see something they are a mirror, and show you what you need to see. Is it a self-fulfilling prophecy? Bringing attention to something, is that all there is or is it that attention needs to be brought to it? How Mason feels there is something happening in the world, and see it in the patterns and wishes science could explain more thoroughly.

Staying open, physical healing through tarot, and a tarot card reading brings a revelation

How people take the info—prescriptive as only a path forward vs. guidance. People are scared of the cards, but there are choices we make in our free will. Nothing is rigid, and when people are rigid is when it doesn’t make sense. Staying open is important. And the most important advice in receiving a tarot reading. Card guidance, what science could and should look at with tarot. Plus, physical healing through tarot and meditation? Is tarot connected to health care? A tarot card reading for Chan reveals some huge news. A pursuit of balance, peace and connections. Action oriented creative ambitions. A conflict, from career to domestic life, and loving the mother card. And the role of intuition in interpreting favorite cards, something important is confirmed, and a product line on the way.

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