025 – Shelby Mason of Bootights – Coffee Bean with a Soul

Entrepreneurship and spirituality…

Shelby Mason, founder of Bootights (soon to be Socktights), a premium tight attached to a moisture-wicking performance sock – (profile), joins Julie Chan for a discussion about starting and growing a business and the importance of spirituality in entrepreneurship, and for an intuitive reading. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network Studios, powered by Sennheiser.

Company origins, the power of Oprah, and reclaiming spirituality

Mason discusses creating Bootights from need and a moment of public humiliation, and trying to find a solution to how it can be done better, with the result a performance sock on bottom of hosiery. Working for Disney and in television, the impact of Bootights being featured on Oprah, learning from mistakes and from trial and error, how her entrepreneurial journey has been helped from spiritual beliefs and how they arose. Growing up with organized religion as Lutheran, growing out of it, coming back to religion in a more of a spiritual way which made more sense, how caring and being passionate with work is more important than being good at the work, and how it ties into spirituality.

Being open to challenges, intuition, and a Mother’s Day inspiration

Being open about spirituality with business, not being afraid of hitting a wall, sharing experiences to inspire others, books that inspire, sharing with others, how spirituality and sharing is a big part of her, how everyone has intuition, and a Mother’s Day celebration leads to an important psychic reading about seeing an accessory, and then a business inspiration.

An intuitive reading, considering various states of being, and a re-launch

Chan provides an intuitive reading about a a perfect single coffee bean holding secrets, being ordinary and unforgiving, using tools to seek juices and how it becomes something different, what trips Mason up is only looking at the exterior of things, focusing on he current state of being and how she forgets that it changes states. But relishing in the transformed state, enjoyed it for flavor. Re-launching and re-branding Bootights to Socktights, expanding into other products and demographics, and new partners helping her keep focus. Metaphors on how you can’t drink a coffee bean, the coffee analogy, and a new partnership with Bottomless Closet that helps women who are entering the work force but can’t afford professional attire.

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