024 – Purpose Reading with MouthMedia Network

Purpose readings for companies starting with Open Source Business…

Open Source Business cofounders (L to R) Marc Raco Pavan Bahl and Rob Sanchez (photo by Sarah Takako Skinner)

Open Source Business co-founders Rob Sanchez and Pavan Bahl join Julie Chan for a look-behind-the-curtain and a trip down memory lane in a revealing conversation about pivoting  a business, business ethos, team communication, couples counseling, and whether a new business name is the right choice — all in this super-sized special episode.

Chan sat down with two of the three Open Source Business co-founders in 2016 in Bahl’s apartment to discuss their business, along with some new changes in direction, to give insight into the name of a new business entity, and to provide purpose readings to Sanchez, Pavan, and about the business as a whole. This conversation also served as a kind of test to decide whether the company’s new podcast network would add a new show, which ultimately became “All Possibilities” to its roster.

After reviewing the recording again recently, despite that it was specifically intended to ever be aired, the Open Source Business team and Chan decided the conversation and its insights would be of value to listener in hearing a candid discussion about a new and growing business, about the strengths and challenges of some business owners, and to share an inside look into how a purpose reading for a company can be of value.

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