023 – Larendee Roos and Lindsay Call – Working with Light

Business meets spirituality with mother and daughter team…

Larendee Roos (business and spiritual advisor, speaker, author, and founder of Roos Consulting – (profile)) and her daughter Lindsay Call (founder of Lindsay’s Soul Readings – (profile)), join Julie Chan for a discussion as mother and daughter on having a spiritual business, working as a team, and helping people improve their lives. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network Studios. DOWNLOAD TRANSCRIPT

Being in flow, becoming a spiritual adult, and finding your own “mother voice”

Roos shares her spiritual journey, combining rational mind and strategic business advice with spiritual intuition, having mystical experiences at young age and lucid dreams of a mission to fulfill, the importance of spiritual alignment, channeling that through a business, her tactical, practical, methodical process, and producing a road map that becomes a spiritual guide. How we all have a foundation of where we were that doesn’t need to be thrown out but instead just an alignment around it, being “in flow” and listening and being able to receive answers, and why we don’t need to be afraid of the mountain in front of us. Having to learn lessons over and over again, becoming a “spiritual adult”, remembering more as our life purpose and spiritual nature is recalled, and an “awakening journey”. Also, the impact of a little willingness to see things another way, and finding your own “mother’s voice.”

A long line of intuitives, being empathic, and the answers within

Call’s spiritual journey, knowing from being a young girl she knew she had a spiritual connection, and wanting to learn more. Learning the most from very connected and a loving family, coming from long line of spiritual intuitives, how seeing blurriness meant people needed help, being an empath and feel things very deeply, being able to connect and help people make better decisions for themselves, and how having a spiritual connection doesn’t even require the need to see them. How she sees colors and they give her clues. And how she’s always known the answers are within, and how it is merely a matter of helping people find those answers within.

Lifting people up, joining spirits, and making a difference

Call shares how she’s a guide to help, how people are not really bad and there’s love and light, that we have angels who protect us, and that the work is about lifting people up. Call as one of 10 children that Roos raised, the ability to sit in and interpret as Call does readings, and joining spirits together as mother and daughter. Plus, a vision of how they can make a difference in the world together, and how physical healing connect with spiritual healing.


  1. Michael Magwood August 29, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    Really telling of Larendee’s ability to help others map out the path of their journey! Powerful interview

  2. Michelle Goettemoeller August 30, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    Your two guests, Larendee and Lindsay, are personal friends of mine. I must say that they have both impacted my life in ways that can not be measured. Larendee and I met as children and forged a friendship at that time. After many years of no contact, we reconnected. After the initial social reconnect with Larendee, we began working together more professionally. Many times I tried to hide from Larendee’s influence, but she kept at me, drawing me forth, she would not allow me to hide from her or my calling in life. Her hand kept reaching out to me until I took it and accepted my place as a fellow lightworker. I won’t go into vast details about my place in life, just know it was not the best place.

    Miss Lindsay has guided me profoundly as well. I have had three readings by Lindsay. Each interaction has been clear, powerful, and precise. I wish I could tell more in-depth of their impact on my life, but we just don’t have room in this small space. I do tell this story, my interaction with both Larendee and Lindsay in my soon-to-be published book!

    All I can say is, work with either Larendee, Lindsay or both with change your life and path if you allow it so…

    Michelle Goettemoeller

  3. Theresa August 31, 2017 at 10:10 am

    What wonderful ‘work’ and message through this spiritual partnering. Powerful, inspiring and energizing.

  4. Maria September 5, 2017 at 8:24 am

    Julie, Thanks so much for interviewing Larendee and Lindsay! I have worked with each of them and they are really amazing at what they do and how they help others. The impact of their work is priceless and long lasting.


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