021 – Lancelot Cameron, Financial Superhero – Heart on Fire

Holistic wealth advice with Lancelot Cameron…

Lancelot Cameron, “Financial Superhero” and Holistic Wealth Advisor with Kaspian Group, Inc. – (bio), joins Julie Chan for a discussion on taking hold of one’s financial future, empowering others and owning leadership. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network Studios.

Stopping the bleeding, the flow of money, and shifting habits

Cameron describes his work of helping someone to move from where they are to where they want to be, why the work is rewarding, how most times they aren’t aware of what is needed or how to move forward because of lack of knowledge, and his focus on high earning professionals to help them build wealth while dealing with student loan debt. Goals to be living below your means, paying yourself first, stopping the “bleeding”, shifting habits.

The flow of money, emotional rewards, and how military service inspires a career

The natural flow of money is away from you, savings requires effort. The need for a unique and personal emotional reward to keep following steps, and Chan’s experience growing up in a culture in which debt is shunned. It matters to get insight from different sources and speak to someone other than yourself, how planning financially can provide freedom to live the life you want, being able to track, a background in the military, and how Cameron adopted a career with the goal of helping people.

An intuitive reading empowering others, and asking for help

Chan provides an intuitive reading – the intensity of fire in the heart, blocked channels equal less efficiency, how the reading aligns with his current shift to doing things that really matter to him, and how that lead him being fulfilled, which replaces where he empowers others and being of service. Owning one’s leadership, the goal of growing in collaboration and asking for help, and feeling powerless when not able to help someone.

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