020 – Carmen Reynal of Creating Greatness – Pandemic of Joy

Improving performance and life with acknowledgment, appreciation and recognition…

Carmen Reynal, Founder of Creating Greatness LLC (a cutting edge business transformer, thought leader, coaches’ coach, joy generator, culture change consultant, trainer, thinker and developer of breakthrough performance via acknowledgment, appreciation and recognition of one’s own and other people’s greatness – (bio)), joins Julie Chan for a discussion on achieving and cultivating greatness through acknowledgement and appreciation, along with an intuitive reading. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network Studios.

Creating our own world, needing acknowledgment, and love languages at work

Reynal shares how she was raised in 7 countries, her corporate background and social service background, and her commitment to causing pandemic of joy. The importance of being acknowledged, shifting focus on what works for people, how acknowledgment, appreciation and “loving people up” have a profound appreciation on performance. We create a world by what we say. The more we pay attention to what’s terrible about life, the more we invite terrible things. A culture takes time to build, Gary Chapman’s “Five Love Languages”, expressing and interpreting expressions of love, and “Five Languages of Love Appreciation in the Workplace”, and whether there is a universal language and related complaints.

Really connecting with and hearing employees, an intuitive reading, and pushing vs. floating

Finding out the language of love that each employee has could make a difference, which they best hear and absorb. Making sure that others are hearing you in a heartfelt way and truly getting what you’re saying—and developing the ability to feel and sense and establish genuine connection. Chan shares an intuitive reading covering a level of coolness, relaxation and trust, floating on the back, taking back control, trust as something that’s needed to be or have, hard work, effort and struggle, and pushing against the tide vs. floating.

The art of work, allowing flow, and universal motherhood

Looking at one’s job or business as a work of art. Tuning people into their own creativity and cultivating the creativity of one’s staff and peers. What do you do with people who are generally negative and don’t open up a lot, and allowing more flow than trying to control situations. Action is less important than state of being. And being a universal mother.

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