018 – Dr. Anna Yusim – Psychiatry, Meet Spirituality

Spirituality in Psychiatry with Dr. Anna Yusim…

Dr. Anna Yusim, a psychiatrist with private practice in New York City and author of  the book “Fulfilled, How the Science of Spirituality Can Help You Live a Happy and More Meaningful Life” – (bio), joins Julie Chan for a look at the intersection of business, science, mental health, and spirituality. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network Studios.

Lifting darkness, discovering the world, and when medication is right and when something else is better

Yusim shares how in her past she hit a bump in the road, and a lot of darkness, and despite knowing healing tools she couldn’t pull herself out of it. Then her spiritual journey started. And she explored and learned new tools. She studied in India and Thailand and South Africa, and more, understanding how the world works, and gaining a new perspective on life. And her own darkness started to lift. Spirituality and shamanism, and beliefs and methods unusual for a psychiatrist. About the direction medicine and psychiatry are going. When someone is acutely mentally ill, they may need medication, but that s a minority. Most people come in with a more spiritual approach or psychiatric approach, more patients are finding medications have side effects and they want to have alternatives.

Reconnecting with the soul, living authentically, and biologic and environmental factors

How it is a beautiful thing when a patient is empowered enough to be ready to do this. Medications often help with symptoms but don’t go to the soul level. A frequent cause is a disconnect with one’s own soul. Reconnecting with purpose and living more authentic lives. Identifying this, and communicating this to patients and having them accept it. Biologic propensities and environmental factors, and how everyone can do soul work and how it benefits everyone.

Soul work, the shadow side, and addressing skeptics

Soul work includes authenticity, soul correction and connecting to part of something greater. Living according to your own authentic self at the soul level. How people correct their soul, opening doors to be the best person and being in the best position to help others. The shadow side, what happens when we push something away, and claiming a personal power. The intersection of business science and spirituality. Addressing skeptical psychiatrists, and how science is coming out showing how powerful spirituality is in the human process.

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