014 – Celebrity Psychic Jesse Bravo – If Batman Were Psychic

Being a psychic medium the right way…

Photo credit Marc RacoJesse Bravo, known as the Premier Celebrity Psychic Medium in NYC who has been featured on MTV, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and ABC News – (bio), joins Julie Chan for a discussion on balancing two worlds, quieting the mind, trusting the voice in your head, psychic predictions, and the reputation of the psychic industry. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network Studios.

Wall Street vs. the Universe, quieting the mind, and not using guided meditation

Photo credit Marc RacoBravo discusses the importance of having proper barriers, having to be mindful at all times, working on Wall Street and embracing logic by day, then being open to the universe at other times. For legality purposes, leaving each world in its own, with no blame, no credit, and just being a “tool”. The key is quieting the mind. Why Bravo does not use guided mediation so that the mind can be quiet, letting whatever is going to come in, come in. How we hold ourselves back in psychic abilities, and it is a passive process, and the need to just feel and know things. Everyone has intuitive ability.

Trusting voices in your head, practicing intuition, and the responsibility of psychic predictions

Photo credit Marc RacoTrusting the voice in one’s head, not throwing a moment away. Bravo poses a challenge to the listeners for the next 30 days to be aware of thoughts and stop for a moment. The more one practices the stronger one gets, always in motion weaker or stronger, and that leads to more trust in oneself, toward those abilities becoming normal then natural. Bravo comments on psychic predictions, and how the position of a psychic is very powerful, and having to be careful how psychic abilities and predictions can affect someone, protecting the client from themselves, and the importance of getting other opinions.

Bravo’s better model, improving the industry’s reputation, and kindness as a cause

Some psychics want you to rely on them, why clients get to see Bravo only once a year, and why his model is a better model for a psychic as more of a life coach and therapist. Negative connotations of the word “psychic”, creating a positive connotation for the word psychic. “Coming out of the closet” as a psychic. The importance of consideration for the field as a whole. Explosion of awareness of psychics via TV, how the government has failed people and that has led to people turning to the psychic industry in the absence of other faith. And kindness as the greatest cause. Plus, Bravo gets emotional when given the opportunity to share.

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