013 – Mini Intuitive Reading with Margot Putnam Delaney – The Meaning of Blueberries

Love and passion vs. logic and ability…

Margot Putnam Delaney (bio), a consultant for startups, joins Julie Chan for a mini intuitive reading, interpretation and coaching that ranges from archeology to spirituality, with a hint of blueberries. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network studios.

Archeology, loving data, and Camino Santiago Decompostela

Putnam Delaney discusses her background in financial tech, how she was originally committed to be a an archeologist, a passion for underwater archeology then antiquities art law, then a transition into financial tech, then immersed in the startup scene, a background in payments processing, a love of data, the study of people, and finding something personal inside data. The value of a diary, embracing spirituality, undertaking the Camino Santiago Decompostela, how sharing leads to confronting, an intimacy with people on that journey, and why she didn’t take contact information of some of her fellow travelers.

An Intuitive reading, blueberries, and change

Chan provides a mini intuitive reading with blueberries, green leafy branches, the process of picking and juicing, dreading what comes afterwards, staying on branch before being changed and transformed, retaining identity, how we’re all in this together and being taken to processing and being smushed and juiced, how the resulting juice still blueberry but in different form, trying to hang on to fading memory of something beautiful and sweet. Reflecting on a beautiful memory and trying to hold on to it. How it is OK to keep that on her mind, and a lingering presence.

Something ruined, creating something new, and democratization vs. accessibility

Putnam Delaney reflects on how, when diving on vacation, an inappropriate diver made her nervous and ruined something she loved, her idiosyncratic background, and how perhaps she’s not acknowledging it and doing enough with it, love and passion vs. logic. Blueberries as unpicked and still growing vs. the harsh sterile processing after picking. An ironic confession, “Blueberries for Sal”, an identity tied to blueberry juice, changing physical states, and where the metaphor stops. Grapes vs. wine, taking singular options and give them time to ferment and the complex concept and the process as creating something new. Finding a way to let that flow into this life. How Putnam Delaney has been wanting to write a white paper on democratization vs. accessibility. Plus, an image can drive and inspire you.

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