012 – Amy Jung of Raw Haus – Both Found and Finder

Understanding your purpose and doing what you love…

Amy Jung, Design Strategist and Co-Founder of Raw Haus, (a creative driven community connecting emerging talent across the design, technology, and entrepreneurial space, providing a collaborative platform for sharing ideas, opportunities, and advice amongst members of the greater creative community in New York City – (bio)) joins Julie Chan for a follow up from a prior full intuitive reading and to discuss discovering and living one’s purpose, finding peace, and growing the intuition “muscle”. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network Studios.

A college class about love, the need to connect, and helping others to grow

Jung reviews her purpose as to be found and be a finder. How a college class about doing what you love and a moment of painful discovery led to an understanding of how she likes connecting with people. Focusing on intuition, and maximizing impact by helping multiple people to grow.



Understanding perspectives, learning a brand, a vehicle to communicate

How she uses data and information to convince people and tries to understand everyone’s perspectives and to find the vehicle that helps Jung and others. Discovering what one does, that learning a brand is the core of values, understanding one’s own purpose and one’s own values, having a vehicle for both parties to communicate on.

Beaches, treating yourself, and the intuition muscle

The ways Jung finds her own peace, East Coast vs. West Coast, and the calm of beaches. That time Jung became sick and realized she needed down time and personal recovery in her life. Started to meditate. The need to treat yourself. Plus, the tables turn with Amy asks questions about growing the intuition “muscle”, meditation, quieting the mind, participating in creative pursuits, and inspired journal writing.

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