010 – Mini Intuitive Reading with Photographer Sarah Takako Skinner – Each Image Is Her

Revealing a truer self and finding hope through photography with Takako…

Sarah Takako Skinner, Photographer and Creator of The Hope Is Project (bio), joins Julie Chan for an extraordinary and inspiring mini intuitive reading, interpretation and coaching. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network studios. (Includes explicit language.)

Photographic process, a healing experience, and the moment between the moments

Skinner discusses how her photography process with her subjects involve textures, emotions, a complex process, are incredibly enjoyable, have creativity with interpersonal relationships which develop. How she is a humanist first, with the camera documenting. How the common thread is that someone comes in with their own sense of identity, and she allows them to expand and expose fears, bringing them out. How she makes sue she gives a lot of direction, flowing through movements and actions and intentions, acting out, tapping into their inner child, sub personalities, how it is felt to be a transformative experience like art therapy, with storytelling, as a healing experience, enlightening, joyful, fun, providing a feeling of pride in who subjects are, seeing a new version of themselves, thinking of themselves in a way they never thought of before. Skinner touches on her process taking usually at least two days, how she is bossy and firm, and how the idea is to get them out of their heads. The moment between the moments, learning to learn to shed taboos, allowing herself to honor extreme anger and fear and live and reenact them. Once OK’d, you become to understand how to accept what is inside you, and all elements.

Gastroschisis, becoming Takako, and The Hope Is Project

Her extraordinary birth story, and how life was propelled by fight, scarring, trauma, and how she was bestowed the name Takako and it is a lifeline representing triumph on a battlefield. Skinner’s anger, shame, body shame, a long time to shed, allowing her to connect more directly with people. She’s all in, and has been able to do it, and how each image is her. Skinner talks about the meaning of hope, and the basic need for survival, how she has wondered what drove hope for her parents. When she decided to research the meaning of hope through other people, and it became The Hope Is Project, how hope has many levels making it impossible to fully verbalize it, so used a camera. Her mission to lead people to teach us, show us, inform us what their hope looks like. The press picked up on it, the power of visual communication, the hypothesis that hope begets hope, the act of searching with a physical item is powerful, giving participants back their power and a sense of purpose, why it matters that Skinner understands the fragility of life and to not waste it, but to push it, give back and lead. Evolving by pushing through, and how Skinner is living her purpose.

An intuitive reading, clouds and a storm, and waiting for a rainbow

Chan shares a mini intuitive reading, being a cloud, being seen and photographed, how light is blocked but then allowing light to filter through in new and magnificent ways, what is it? A way of being fleeting, of causing and creating a mark on the world, a shadow, and interplay of light that just happens. How a cloud can be remembered, forgotten, and can pass by without anyone noticing it existed, feeling like a child waiting for a rainbow to appear after a thunderous storm, focusing on an opening of light that has always been there can peek through, but it is what is invisible that moves it all in the first place. The fight to live the way she wants to live, a lot of fear and sacrifice, and getting past darkness and self-doubt.

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