009 – Jim Posner of The Mindful Advantage – From Wall Street to Mindfulness

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Meditation…

Jim Posner, Founder of The Mindful Advantage (which helps busy professionals decrease stress, increase focus and improve productivity with mindfulness meditation – bio) joins Julie Chan for a discussion of mindfulness, meditation and career changes, and a mini intuitive reading, at the MouthMedia Network Studio at Voyager HQ.

A journey to mindfulness, what others think, and cultivating an awareness of thought

Posner discusses how people learn from him as mindfulness instructor combining rationality and mindfulness, and renewing one’s thoughts. How he is the last person you’d expect to be a mindfulness instructor, his journey to mindfulness, how he was laid off from job on Wall Street, needed to be present, how going to a psychologist and a psychiatrist was only touching the surface and a “band aid” for him, panic attacks, a hospital visit and then he found Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Meditation. His worries about what other people would think, and how after five years he found acceptance from more people than expected. Finding it so powerful he decided to teach it, the science behind mindfulness or awareness, cultivating a higher awareness of awareness of thoughts, feeling, emotions, surrounding, sensations etc.. Taking control over them instead of thoughts feelings and emotions controlling you. How more than 90% of thoughts on sub-conscious level, 80% of our thoughts are negative and recurring, and the vicious circle of cascading negative thoughts we all have.

New is actually old, career transitions, and when the mind wanders

Consideration that becoming aware is a 3,000 old practice, and the challenge to learn how to move through the negative thoughts. Parts of the brain that change when we meditate., how science is catching up to the practice, and overcoming the inability to shut the mind off. The wide range of applications in schools, socioeconomic situations, businesses and to affect the personal and corporate bottom lines. Career transitions and the fears one has to face, how Posner felt pigeonholed in his previous job, making a transition into his own business difficult, worrying about being judged, and a tough road to being able to communicate what he did in mindfulness. How entrepreneurs judge themselves, and the way self-talk derails productivity and happiness. How Posner deals with his own growth as an entrepreneur with meditation. Non-judgment on thoughts, and how recognizing that the mind has wandered, and bringing attention back to present moment, can be a seminal moment.

A mini intuitive reading, moving forward, and a better world

Chan provides a mini intuitive reading, about raking the leaves, cleaning up from where Posner was and moving forward, swimming the strokes as others are doing, and moving forward. And it’s about seeing, new ideas, and not caring what the neighbors think. Posner suggests that if everyone learned mindfulness meditation the world would be a better place, more socially responsible, kids less stressed in schools, benefits are proven, and how he’s living proof. And, being an advocate for the power of what meditation can do for the world.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Shinzen Young, The Science of Enlightenment

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