008 – Mini Intuitive Reading with Bill Carmody – Delivering Diamonds With Words

The power of focusing on the needs of others…

Bill Carmody, CEO of Trepoint (a digital marketing agency), international speaker, and columnist for @inc – (bio), joins Julie Chan for an emotional and revealing mini intuitive reading, interpretation and coaching. Recorded at the MouthMedia Network studio at Voyager HQ.

The Charles Dickens process, success without feeling successful, and a new chapter

Carmody touches on his significant experience in helping brands in doing content marketing and finding an authentic voice, etc. How his life was on the wrong track, and he started transforming his life with Tony Robbins. He knew it was time for big change, lost a lot of weight, ran his first marathon, now training for an Iron Man, and aiming to take it to the highest level possible and being the person he was born to be. Recalling how the moment of discovery was during the Charles Dickens process, knowing why you want to do things, visualizing his own death, breaking a lot of unhealthy habits, seeing his children crying over his grave, growing up Catholic and being very spiritual, until a priest violated him and he allowed himself to take his own faith away, evaporating faith. Being successful and doing well, but not feeling it inside. Carmody felt he would steal his life from his children, that he’d be a thief. The ability to go back to the moment of spiritual awakening like a flash, and how he now believes in an interconnected web of existence, and disassociating spirituality from the priest incident as a child. Trying to find how to integrate that with his business world, using the loss of a major client as an opportunity to begin a new chapter, focusing on things that really matter, and just “being here”.

Mini intuitive reading, gold in the river and diamonds in the words, and being kind to ourselves while giving to others

Chan provides a mini intuitive reading to Carmody, focusing on how communication is not sterile, it is a living entity, words are prized possessions, packets of diamonds, and how the way Carmody communicates with himself that can use a boost. How words to himself are not prized possessions, and he should be delivering goodness to himself, a river, debris, gold in the river and in the debris, how everything has a use, and reflecting on life and communication style. How through writing, Carmody was able to have experiences and relationships, serving the audience when authentically giving of himself. The next chapter is more speaking and writing. How we err in allowing ourselves to be nasty to ourselves. Having positivity externally and internally.

Reflecting on the reading, evaluating abundance, and learning from one’s children

How debris is getting in the way of distributor of more diamonds, the need for nourishment, the debris is carrying the gold, creating a soft nest. Opportunities might seem like debris, and are containers for the true essence of the gold you wanted to collect. Evaluating abundance and whom you can share it with. Being present, and how Carmody makes sure his kids pickup his values, and how they can teach him.


The Difference by Subir Chowdhury

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