006 – Mini Intuitive Reading with Veronica Owens of TiM – Startup Dance

Balance, pace, and positivity in entrepreneurialism…

Veronica Owens, Co-Founder of TiM (a web based digital on-boarding system for the entertainment industry – bio) joins Julie Chan for an emotional and revealing mini intuitive reading, interpretation and coaching at the MouthMedia Network Studio at Voyager HQ.

Fixing a problem, loss, tragedy and challenges, and an Inner Empowerment Tool Kit

Owens discusses how work in film production made her and her business partner realize how inefficient the on-boarding systems were, no one would complain or solve the issues, so they risked everything to try to solve it. Freelancers work long days, no one feels responsible to fix problem because no overarching system, moving job to job, not really “your problem” to fix it. Their system allows the same crewmember to fill out what normally would be massive physical paperwork by submitting with a few clicks. She stresses that TiM wasn’t fully and solely their idea, but instead “everyone’s idea”. Creating something from scratch is challenging and rewarding, startups are soul incubators, scary and empowering that it can stop existing at any moment, anything is real if you believe in it, having to let go of external things you define yourself with, everything around you can crumble to bits, but finding strength in yourself no matter what‘s crumbling around you. A pivotal moment of loss, tragedy and challenges. Losing everything around her, she hadn’t nourished her own happiness. Everyone has the power to create and shape their future, remembering what you love outside of work, needing to be able to believe in yourself first. Anything can change in a moment, but one’s own strength can’t be taken. An Inner Empowerment Tool Kit, chanting, Buddhism, yoga, how she found that kit and how she lost it. Needing to get them back, easy to be hard on yourself, easy to be sad. Eating right helps with stress too, and support from others is important.

Buckets of water, rhythm and gravity, and working as one with the universe

Chan shares an intuitive min-reading based on what is the highest guidance for Owens at this time, to align with who she is and move forward, balancing buckets of water, flowing, circular, some will be lost that’s acceptable, like a dance matching the universe, keeping water in. Working with the universe allows speed. Reflecting on life to see where it feels too slow and steady that causes inner angst, approach it all as a dance, and how rhythm and gravity work in favor. Being grateful, positivity, seeing things as blessings. How you can remake the world if you remake yourself, how struggling can help one find balance, wanting to dance and have what was seen as weight as choices instead. Being one with the universe, believing in purpose, spending every day present and honest with yourself about who you are instead of being distracted. Intense focus on how much water was there in the reading imagery, so easy to lie to oneself. Step One is catching a negative thought, changing the subject and letting go, walking forward and focusing on the journey. Working as one with the universe, believing in your own power. And stop accepting less.

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