005 – Mini Intuitive Reading with Derek Garlington – Presence and Joy

Being present and in the moment…

Derek Garlington, filmmaker, mixed martial artist ad MMA fighter, and author of “Souls of the Kindred Flame” (bio), joins Julie Chan for a mini intuitive reading and discussion on enjoying moments and allowing creativity to flow.

Meeting Derek, a moment of quiet, and beating writer’s block

Garlington discussed how he was inspired to go down the spiritual path, an extraordinary experience with very rare white and purple shells covering a pier as a spiritual experience out in the open, and when writing becomes reality. His book “Souls of the Kindred Flame” as a spiritual mystery story, how you have more internal power than you think, and the worth in examining it. How mixed martial arts and the motion of the body being active have been keys for him, and taking a moment of quiet. Being in the moment in mixed martial arts, being outside of the body, and in whatever you’re feeling make sure to focus that effectively and use that. The way martial arts and writing get him in spiritual mindset. And, strategies for writers block.

Mini intuitive reading, feeling at peace, and moving vs. hovering

Chan shares a mini intuitive reading, revealing birds, a shared serene moment, looking at life and relationships and driving things forward, respecting and honor moments, presence and joy. Resonating, Garlington shares about making a universe together, enjoying the moment instead of driving forward, and feeling at peace just by being with someone. The bird moving forward, or the bird hovering, being in something vs. outcomes.

Questions Answered, being conscious of purpose, and connecting to flow

Looking at the Akashic Records and how the information comes through. Lessons from past lives, being conscious of purpose to keep expressing on a plane of joy, leading to synchronicity. How Julie started noticing and looking for signs of abilities, inspired writing, and how best work comes when connected to flow.

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