004 – Dr. Steven Giron – Waking the Higher Brain

Higher brain living…

Dr. Steve Giron, a.k.a. “Dr. Steve” (bio), master facilitator of higher brain living, joins Julie Chan for a truly fascinating exploration of higher brain living from particle physics to consciousness.

Rebooting the brain, awakening transformation, and biofeedback

Dr. Steve reviews his path from elementary particle physics to spiritual healing, how Julie was a client, what happens in higher brain living, awakening dormant potential in higher brain, quantum mechanics and harnessing a new empowerment state to thrive with purpose for being on the planet, and creating a new brain “hardware” system and new “software” system to create a desired life. How when he was looking for a way to get out of a corporate job and seeking more transformational work he discovered the world of higher brain living. Dr. Steve goes in depth about the discoveries and research of Dr. Michael Cotton, the originator of technique. How an awakening transformation in the brain’s prefrontal cortex can allow the harnessing of abilities, and studies which scientifically help us understand core levels and measure activity in the brain. How techniques can allow people to live as a fearless and authentic self and allow that to be manifested through action in the world. The informal studies of Dr. Penny Montgomery on biofeedback and how they found long chains of beta waves in the brain creating more energy in brain, less stress and ability to be focused and clear. And alpha waves, and what this means for people who can be headed on a downward path if they are not already doing something.

Stretching, spoon-bending, and bridging worlds

How the process works, what Julie’s experience was and why she did it, the use of gentle contacts on body, bridging the gap between western science and mysticism, using body’s energy for waking up the prefrontal cortex. The relevance of brain physiology, how clients report seeing inner light, and how the body dumps stress through motion. Why stretching releases stress and its importance to our health, and rhythmic wave of stretching as a reset button on clearing pathways of the body’s “computer”. How we’re thinking ourselves to death, when Dr. Steve’s meditation at 8 years old awakened an understanding of more than the physical world, how a horrible snowboarding injury led him to discover the impact of higher brain living, and where the spiritual and physical worlds connect. Spoon-bending, the “observer effect”, understanding the microscopic to understand the macroscopic, how intentionality is connected with all matter. quantum entanglement, and bridging the between both worlds.

A surprise intuitive mini reading, aligning intentions, and the tipping point of consciousness

Julie performs a mini intuitive reading for Dr. Steve, touching on the quality of movements, a javelin, swift and light movements, and how calculations of movements and technical minutia is the error. The need to reflect on approaching the movement, and an upward focus like a bird. Dealing with uncertainty, putting attention on the end goal, and making intentions and action align better. Envisioning the tipping point in the consciousness of humanity, and giving over to conscious flow states.

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