003 – Mini Intuitive Reading with Cedar Elford-White – Being Artist Enough

Balancing creative and work life…

Cedar Elford-White, Community Manager for Voyager HQ (a New York City hub for empowering startups to create the future of travel by connecting them with investors, corporate partners, and each other – bio) and textile enthusiast and artist, joins Julie Chan  (Being My Purpose bio) for an emotional and revealing mini intuitive reading, interpretation and coaching.

The Amethyst dream, moving cross-country, searching for balance

Elford-White recalls her American Southwest upbringing and her background in operations, along with her current mission helping to build Voyager HQ as a hub for travel startups. She shares a story about a very large amethyst crystal entrusted to her by her mother and driving it around in her car, how a call from mom about a dream the amethyst was sitting in the middle of road, and had reached out to tell her mother it was unhappy, gave Elford-White’s the realization that this could be a direct consequence of something reaching out because there is more going on and connections we’re not aware of. How putting love and care into things creates a bond, her transition from West to East Coast and the “new frontier”, being an artist from an entrepreneurial artist family, an unfulfilling job in an NYC baker, resettling in New Mexico, wanting to do more for people, and the privilege of working at Voyager HQ and participating in the discovery and building process. She laments that she hasn’t found a way to fully balance art with work, and about the search for balance with creativity. Doing well with deadlines, doing one-day Saturday projects, and setting oneself up for success.

Tracking growth, a flowerbed and children, and resting easy in surprise

Chan provides a mini intuitive reading received via the Akashic Records, regarding the highest guidance for Elford-White at this time. Chan shares descriptions about a flowerbed nourishing growth for daisies, how sudden growth creates a thrill, and connecting with time and satisfaction while tracking growth often for the first sign of life. She mentions how new beginnings and overnight results are destiny. An image of a flowerbed and children, a glimpse of something, anything, and how the surprise is the most joy and resting easy in surprise.

Allowing inspiration, creativity on demand, and doing everything possible

Elford-White reflects on doing everything possible and believing the Universe will deliver an outcome, how inspiration is fleeting, how she can’t do creativity on demand, and why she hasn’t been able to pursue art to the maximum. She questions and checks in on whether she’s an artist yet, and if she is an artist if not making anything, and if she’s done enough to be one. Allowing inspiration to come to see it, becoming fully alive and recalibrating expectations, and doing something in a moment when inspiration strikes without worrying about implications.


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