002 – Mini Intuitive Reading with Kyle Barrios – Worth the Ticket

Moving past self-imposed obstacles…

Kyle Barrios, a market development strategy and operations growth professional (bio), married with two boys and from Farmingdale, NY, joins Julie Chan for a mini reading, interpretation and coaching.

Getting to know Kyle

Barrios talks about how taking action led to a beautiful family, and his desire to pursue the social entrepreneurship space. Chan shares her process for readings, including her clairaudience (clear hearing), meditation, then thought impressions, leading to a mini-reading as a catalyst to spark discussion of what is going on one’s life, and what is highest guidance for Barrios at this time.



In Barrios’ mini-reading Chan touches on the concept of “the price for admission” in his life, taking, action, and the need to reflect on life and see when this picture pops up, getting past the need for a “ticket”, owning the ownership of ticket, and focusing on the ride ahead. Barrios shares a dream about Jay Z, a library and two outcomes, he questions being deserving, and the danger of questioning opportunities.

Feeling worthy

Chan and Barrios discuss the value of reflecting, and being actionable. Getting to the core of the feeling of a state of being, feeling worthy, and the fear of being separated from the joy we want.


  1. Jesus Diaz April 17, 2017 at 11:35 am

    Great podcast Kyle. You are a creative wordsmith with the english vocabulary. Great insights and wisdom throughout.

  2. Carmen M April 19, 2017 at 7:07 pm

    What an incredible journey for you, Kyle! I got goosebumps hearing the dream you had vis a vis the outcome of your mini-reading. The Universe is a indeed mysterious place. So many insights for us all.


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