001 – Julie Chan, Anna Yusim, Kristy Sundjaja and Rob Sanchez – New Beginnings

Stories of spiritual awakenings and life purpose transformations…

The first episode of “All Possibilities” was recorded in front of a live audience, with panelists sharing their personal stories of transformational journeys and spiritual awakenings. The panelists include host Julie Chan (Founder of Being My Purpose (bio)), along with Anna Yusim (a New York City psychiatrist and author (bio)), Kristy Sundjaja (Chief of Staff to Founder & CEO of LivePerson (bio)) and Chan’s husband Rob Sanchez (COO of MouthMedia Network (bio)), who stands in as host. Recorded on location at Interface NYC.

Yusim shares her journey of realizing there was something wrong in what she was doing in her life, beginning a searching of discovery, leading to a series of dreams and as dark night of the soul and studying Kabbalah, and learning that most of reality is not seen nor measured. She discusses experiences with patients, how she honors the vastness of the human experience, wonders about the mechanism behind it, and how we all have an intuitive capacity to listen to one’s soul instead of other people’s expectations and instructions.

Sundjaja shares her origins in an intuitive Hong Kong household and a father with a spiritual gift, and how the teacher is there when the student is ready. Being thankful and appreciating a place, how the impact of 9/11 brought her to an important moment in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, two men finding God, and realizing the impact of being calm enough to listen because the answer is not always obvious. And finding peace, when the mind calms, so key messages can be received.

Chan talks about her Ivy League education and urban development professional life. Then a moment of transformation, a bird that inspires freedom, the start of a closeted journey, and the launch of Being My Purpose to help others. Her start as the biggest skeptic, and wanting to strengthen intuitive gifts as a muscle. Accessing the Akashic records to understand her purpose since she wasn’t happy despite professional success, learning her purpose is to use her voice to sing. And how all of this has brought joy and growth daily.

Sanchez concludes the discussion by sharing a an emotional piece of his own journey, including being on the autistic spectrum, the impact of witnessing a suicide, the mistake of thinking that one’s current state is the way one is, and the opportunity to grow.

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