067 – Brooke Emery – Purpose and Parenting

Brooke Emery

Intuition, marketing, coaching, and parenting…

Brooke EmeryBrooke Emery, Possibility Synergist and Guide, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

This is the first of several episodes on the topic of pregnancy.

In this episode:

  • Emery‘s works as connector and a guide
  • How her spiritual journey started in childhood
  • Being the daughter of advertising agency mom, working in film and publicity, having love of being fixture in self help for more than 20 years
  • Identifying inner voice vs. random thoughts, what it feels like, light vs. heavy, joy and peace when right direction on the left wide, like an electric pulse
  • Being a Manifestor-Generator, experiencing things as an “uh-huh” (positive) or ” unh-uh” (negative)
  • Learning to surrender
  • Manifesting a baby, conscious parenting
  • Wanting a baby while being OK if it doesn’t happen
  • Changing the focus
  • Having a whole team ready to help her be ready for the next chapterBrooke Emery
  • The moment she became pregnant when she was about to go in for IVF
  • Getting away from attachment and pursuing joy, synchronicities amplify
  • Being surprised by second child
  • How IUD hormones impacted postpartum depression
  • A book that popped out that resulted in a visit to meet someone that result in signficant lessons, the need to remember the truth of who you are, entertain everything, believe nothing
  • Continuing to go deeper
  • The purpose of having children, loving kids, hating parenting, being a guide on the path of a child’s growth, allowing them to bloom
  • Reflecting and not regretting
  • Her daughter’s YouTube show, and how it helped with self expression and identity, a lot of wisdom in a little girl’s body
  • Juggling between motherhood and work while modeling to kids
  • Parenting by design and with vision
  • Taking time to end the day with sharing positive things with your partner
  • Being willing to receive judgment while not judging yourself or others
  • Teaching kids to navigate the world themselves, and not always solving problems for them, teaching them to become independent

066 – Esther Goodhart – Standing: Up and In Technicolor

Esther Goodhart

Esther GoodhartKorean-Jewish comedienne Esther Goodhart discusses overcoming disability and challenging parents, changing religions in rebellion, living like tomorrow is the last day, not accepting the negative, why she’s not afraid to die, taking on comedy, seeing the world in Technicolor, responding to adversity with love, why Mr. Rogers was a genius, and an intuitive reading inspired discussion about her remarkable outlook on a very recent and sobering health diagnosis.

She joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Rebelling against holy-roller Christian parents and converting to Judaism
  • Being born with a disability, how she needed a push
  • How Esther was in wheelchair all her life with disability, and her family felt humiliated that she was in a wheelchair, wondering why she couldn’t shake it off
  • Her whole life is to not burden others with her burden
  • Proud, embarrassed
  • Need to release and receive the love people want to give
  • How Esther’s kids inspired her to get out of her wheelchair
  • She needed to be available for kids, go where they needed to goEsther Goodhart
  • Wheelchair gets her places, electric scooter is btter
  • Suffering from familial dystonia, and how Esther can fall standing up
  • Parents didn’t think it was a miracle, but doctors couldn’t believe her fortitude
  • Walking is choreography to Esther, has to memorize the ground
  • Esther reveals how her parents were terrible to her, she channeled energy to do things great.
  • Esther believes she will die better than God put her on the planet, so she focuses on how can she work to leave the world better because she was here
  • Teaching kids, and when people are mean she kills them with love
  • Everyone’s story is biblical
  • Living life like tomorrow is the last day
  • Thinking outside the box, not accepting the negative, and how the Bible embodies that
  • An intuitivereaidng — it is about a book with beautiful images reflect the soul
  • Not photo realistic, abstract and which emote feeling, a shift in perspective and transformation
  • Like looking at a cure and absorbing it that was instead of ingesting
  • The superficial and small things to take over how Esther views the world
  • Everything can be a potential cure or trigger
  • Focus on the cure, shift by seeing
  • Image: each page large filled with abstract, vibrant images holding the power to transform, when Esther puts the page closer she feels transformed to another world connected but separate, transformation, mystery and discovery
  • Reflecting on life and focus
  • Love and lack of love is the cause of everything, why Mr. Rogers was a genius
  • The importance of seeing that nothing is superficial and mundane
  • Why Esther says she is not afraid to die
  • Why worst enemies are now her closest friends
  • A serious medical diagnosis and a remarkable attitude and perspective, cheerleaders and why any outcome is great
  • Seeing everything in technicolor

065 – Dena Merriam – Time Traveler


The workings of karma and relevance of past lives…

DenaDena Merriam, Author of “My Journey Through Time: A Spiritual Memoir of Life, Death, and Rebirth”, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • How Merriam got started on her current track, experiencing past life memories, and the book she wrote which describes it all in detail
  • The first moment she realized something was going on beyond the experience of people around her
  • How she began serious meditation practice and started having dreams, opening the door for her
  • For several years continually dreaming of a house, always same house, which left her with longing and sadness
  • How a man entered life talking in Russian and about Russia, and she saw a child at he start of 1900s in Russia
  • Watching scenes in meditation, a lot of emotion
  • Becoming a kind of detective, trying to understand how she fit into the identities of the people in the dreams
  • Living in multiple times and how you balance thatDena
  • Connecting people in her current life with their previous lives, and trying to keep it all together
  • Once she could verify parts of previous lives, she just started accepting
  • How nothing is accidental, everything had an earlier beginning
  • Being ready for the responsibility of sharing publicly
  • Trepidations
  • How Karma is becoming accepted in the mainstream
  • People are looking at death in a new way
  • The things that move with you through various lives
  • Learning about her own child, watching him following seeds from prior lives as they carry rom past and those things fell away over time
  • Why she thinks more about the formation of the future than the past
  • Working off karma from the past
  • General business evolution along with spirituality in general, and how it is due to mindfulness movement
  • Why the energy in the younger generation offers hope
  • Racism not finished today from before
  • Why she doesn’t recommend past life regressions
  • How someone can look at their life and the need to reflect especially on aspirations
  • How her mind is in the past and future
  • How we create the world and choose the moment to fulfill it
  • How past lives can guide creative activity
  • Why it is important to start people along the path earlier
  • Love guides us forward and stays with us

064 – Miranda Maher of Tiger Heart Tao – Coming Home to your Body

Miranda Maher

Tao Arts & Qi Healing…

Miranda Maher Miranda Maher, Founder of Tiger Heart Tao, joins corresponding host Jessica Brodkin (Love and Light Reiki) in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Maher’s first exposure to spirit when she wandered into a lecture a friend dragged her to see David Allen
  • Learning to think and feel and experience reality
  • Maher’s decades in Buddhism without discipline
  • How she had to learn how had to grow beyond emotional reactions to things, which was prior out of reach for her
  • Maher’s body is getting older, martial arts in family so pursuing that seemed obvious
  • Taoism emotions are energy, work with them, accept them, make use of them
  • Raising and purifying energy (Qi), it can manifest as kindness
  • Tai Chi only 300 years old, type of Qigong, skill with life force energy and with breath
  • Energy pathways through the body, meridians and vessels
  • Microcosmic orbit, energy centers connected to chakras
  • Buddhism and Eastern religions and spirituality are on the rise
  • Why Taoism stands out
  • “The I Ching”, looking into the future hexagram
  • Many people come to Qigong from yoga and martial arts
  • Spend time with yin and cultivate it
  • Not valuing yin
  • Healing is not instantaneous
  • Ovarian and vaginal kung fu
  • A woman’s sexual energy, collection of practices, addresses hormonal imbalance, aging, emotions, sexual pleasure, confidence, boundaries, centeredness
  • Helps in creativity
  • Seminal Kung Fu
  • The Ovarian Palace
  • The problem of opening your third eye without proper grounding
  • Having a maternal relationship with students, and the NY need for the sense of “new” has impacted the ay classes and teaching are undertaken
  • Being a retired Ninja
  • Ninjutsu
  • How spirituality has informed Maher’s art

063 – Joe Carrano of The Knowledge House – Bringing Talent Out of Hiding

Joe Carrano

Joe CarranoPlacing young adults at the center of leading innovation in their neighborhoods to spur community-based economic development, in The Knowledge House…

Joe Carrano, Co-Founder of The Knowledge House, a non-profit investing in the next generation of technologists in the South Bronx, NY, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this epiosde:

  • About The Knowledge House and Carrano’s start running a business incubator in South Bronx, a lot of ideas batting around in his head on how people in lower income areas can get into the economy in a ground up way, lot of people with great ideas but no talent structure to implement ideas.
  • From graffiti artists to tech teacher
  • Learning to code by actually doing it
  • As Carrano’s skillset got better, seeing the potential
  • Funding at The Knowledge House from 50% grant, 50% revenue
  • Building a tool kit for people to create their own ideas
  • Creating an ecosystem and network to support work
  • Most people at The Knowledge House are career-bound students in early 20s, mostly Black and Latino, some Asian
  • Students are mostly about being broke and smart
  • Already in the students there is a resilience, mechanism for surviving every day
  • Incredible examples of work students have created that have high productivity and potential
  • Companies that come specifically as a result of diverse lifeJoe Carrano
  • An intuitive reading reveals owing people results
  • Carrano liking anonymity
  • Embracing being an uncomfortable role model
  • The need to talk to people from the streets so people know the opportunities available to them
  • The ability to change a lot of things
  • Hiding behind more polished members of organization
  • Taking yourself out of hiding and be more public, to share authentic message
  • Dealing with imperfection

062 – Nusrat Durrani of MTV – Perspective and Polar Bears (Part 2)

Nusrat Durrani

NusratThe protection and strength of a mother, an awakening, perspective, love, and connection, and the need to be telling global stories – an intuitive reading for Nusrat Durrani reveals imagery of beauty in what seems barren…

In the second of a two-part interview, Nusrat Durrani, General Manager of MTV Networks, receives and reacts to an intuitive reading from host Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • An intuitive reading asking the highest guidance for Durrani at this time
  • Imagery of a cold, barren, arctic tundra, but there is love and beauty and comfort and closeness
  • A mother polar bear leads the way, protecting the cub
  • Surrounded by reassurance that people envy, confidence and connection despite great challenges
  • Not appreciating the tundra, too harsh or unforgiving
  • Reflecting on feeling the basking in the connection from another, reassured by their presence
  • A kaleidoscope-like inner landscape in Duranni’s mind
  • Photographing vast empty spaces, desolate and broken
  • The same vision of Duranni’s mother from her most powerful, but seeing her fallen with Alzheimers
  • An awakening is occurring for Duranni, giving a sense of gratification and comfort
  • One sees at the core it is about perspective, love, and connection
  • The illusion of being the center of the universe, while being the center of only one out of many universes on Earth
  • The crucial nature of thinking globally
  • The story telling machinery must tell stories of the world instead of all the stories about ourselves we’ve been telling for the last century
  • Being mindful of what we are doing and how we are doing it
  • An act of courage in sharing other people’s voices
  • The importance of paying attention to and learning more about the refugee crisis worldwide


061 – Nusrat Durrani of MTV – Reimagining Yourself (Part 1)


How do you know the “you” that you are now is the best you? Have you have ever wanted to reinvent your self?

NusratIn the first of a two-part interview, a recovering media executive reveals how Intuition and the willingness to humble himself allowed him to make the hardest professional decision of his life, to travel across the world on a whim to become MTV’s oldest intern in history, how he consciously reimagined himself (twice), took a sabbatical after twenty years to get in touch with what really matters, the ways American ignores the rest of the world, learning to make furniture with his bare hands, and why Bob Dylan and David Bowie are so important to him. Nusrat Durrani, General Manager of MTV Networks, joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • When Durrani saw MTV while in Dubai, how he decided he needed to be a part of it at age 35, while working as marketing manager for Honda with multi million dollar budget and large team
  • How Durrani had intuition that media and creative was his calling
  • Flying to New York on a whim, interviewing and failing to get a job at MTV, but pushing, eventually becoming the oldest intern (age 35) ever hired at MTV, and how that was incredibly humbling
  • Working for MTV market development team, identifying new distribution platforms for the network
  • How Durrani wasn’t person he is now, had worked for a Japanese brand in a different country, went into creative and rowdy environment, and was shy person
  • Telling his management at MTV that he could be an intern and do intern things, or do something using his experience
  • How MTV gave him a project and he did so well that they hired him
  • Being at MTV for some 20 years, one of the most remarkable cultures anywhere, how it didn’t feel like work, and they believed they were creating magic every day
  • How Durrani never took job for granted
  • Like a light switch, how Durrani completely and radically reimagined his entire personality and self as a deliberate act to fit in and be productive at MTV
  • Growing up in India – the only son of a scholar and doctor, privileged
  • How his knowledge of Bob Dylan created shock in a meeting and changed everyone’s perception of him at MTV
  • His blueprint to success at MTV in NYNusrat
  • How he handled needing to become expert in the industry, needing to become an eloquent and expert speaker, losing his accent
  • Flipping the light switch again after 20 years, taking a sabbatical
  • Knowing he would always reimagine his life from time to time
  • Stayed so long at MTV because he loved his job so much, could do largely what he wanted to make the network more of a global connection around the world
  • How a lot of companies and senior executive incumbents need a wake up call, often trying to solve the wrong problems
  • Wanting to unlearn everything you have learned – rebooting the mind
  • Traveling as a civilian, having never been in the business of serving anyone for a long time
  • Really putting himself bodily in situations that require him to serve with all his being, not just writing a check
  • Learning to create in organic and rough manner, getting into grit of doing something with the hands
  • To travel and dream again
  • Mother has developed Alzheimers disease, and what it meant when Durrani went back to India and spent a lot of time with her
  • How his mother is a hero, one of the most empowered, self-reliant, selfless women he’s ever met—to see her reliant on others now is humbling

060 – Bill Bennett – At the Intersection of Life and Intuition

Bill Bennett

Award-winning Australian filmmaker Bill Bennett on intuition and the genesis and making of the documentary “PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System”…

Bill BennettBill Bennett, whose numerous feature films and documentaries have won many awards, including Australia’s equivalent of the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director, and been nominated a further twelve times, and Australia’s equivalent of the Emmy for Most Outstanding Documentary, has had his work distributed through several Hollywood studios and screened at some of the world’s most prestigious film festivals. Bennett joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios in New York (powered by Sennheiser) to discuss his documentary film “PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System” exploring the nature and existence of intuition.

In this episode:

  • Why Bennett started in 1999 working on a documentary about intuition after a near fatal crash in New Orleans at an intersection – he was saved because of hearing a voice telling him to slow down, intuition
  • Deciding to make a documentary, how it took 18 yearsBill Bennett
  • Why it mattered that Bennett came from skeptical and journalistic backgrounds
  • How he was successful at getting movies made, but couldn’t get the film made the way he made previous films, by sheer force of will
  • When Bennett decided he needed to decide in the morning, then had a dream that told him about making the film however he can in a non traditional way, and just to do it and begin it
  • How he woke up at 4:44 am after that dream, and found meaning in that time in being surrounded by angels and spirit guides
  • Than, flying to India, giving himself over entirely to guidance and intuitionBill Bennett
  • How he knew no one in India who could help him, and had nothing lined up despite knowing movie people in India
  • Having a clear recollection from previous trips of a billboard about an institute, asked to come and interview the director about intuition – then when he found out there never was billboard
  • Meeting a living saint, and was directed from person to person with top experts in intuition from all over the world
  • Being in awe of powers that worked through him to make the film
  • Intuition exists, how we all have it, the purpose it has to keep us on our life path
  • How intuition can be regarded as a legitimate functioning system in the body, but works in the energetic realm
  • Science hasn’t figured out a way to empirically prove it, so it is largely ignored by Western science
  • Germs were only discovered 150 years ago, so what else does science not know?Bill Bennett
  • The rational mind wants to keep us in what’s real because that’s safe, ego is about survival
  • Intuition goes into the unknown
  • People accept fear as a part of their lives and don’t even question it
  • From fear to intuition
  • How Bennett got to the point of being largely devoid of fear
  • Having good karma and what you do with that second chance, accepting fulfilling your function/purpose, or death is to impact on someone else
  • Being his purpose to make the film and make people aware of the journey he’s been on, not to prosthelytize
  • Survival intuition to sense threat or menace
  • Cognitive intuition based on expert and even forgotten knowledge, intellect and training based
  • Mystical or divine intuition, from the soul
  • Stopping to allow yourself to listen to the intuitive impulses that come to you, pay attention
  • Healing relationship with sister
  • Why Bennett doesn’t feel disappointment anymore
  • People are aspects of the divine, like us
  • The ways the film has impacted others
  • The toughest screening was the one at which his family saw the film, as he doesn’t think they believe he’s changed
  • What he learned from James Van Praagh saying he’s nervous
  • First thought, best thought
  • A life changing moment for Julie that becomes an inspiration and awakening

059 – Julie Chan and Rob Sanchez – Finding What You Want In a Relationship

Rob Sanchez and Julie Chan

In her first show back after giving birth to her son Jonathan, Julie Chan invites her husband Rob Sanchez into the studio to discuss the story of the path of their relationship, how they almost didn’t have one, why they are the only people they’ve ever had a long-term relationship with, and going after what you want…

Rob Sanchez (CEO, Mouth Media Network) joins Julie Chan in the MouthMedia Network studios, powered by Sennheiser. The two explore a new format to ask questions of each other, and sharing what they’ve learned in order to empower others

In this episode:

  • Being on a similar spiritual path for 14 years
  • How Rob grew up in fundamentalist Christian family, very spiritual, dealing with things he didn’t understand, being on the Autism spectrum but how he didn’t understand at that time
  • Rob going into college, wanted to find someone who was a match spiritually and emotionally
  • How Rob wanted to be in a relationship that was meaningful but filtering it in the way he was brought up
  • Rob met Julie but she didn’t match what he thought he was looking for related to spiritual and structural ways, but felt like he was supposed to be with her – which was a lot of deep thinking for a college student
  • Pivotal moments in Rob’s life, afraid of everything and living a small life, how he decided in one moment in high school to sign up to run for class office as a way to do something drastic to move forward, started tackling fears such as swimming, and how the first time he swam a full lap was in a competition
  • How it is much easier to make a decision and stick with it than to change decision later
  • How Rob made decision earlier on never to take drugs or drink, and to only be intimate with someone he was supposed to be with
  • Deciding who Rob will be in the world, creating a framework to exist in and go from there
  • Full ideas popping into his head all Rob’s life, claircognizance
  • When the struggle is not making a decision
  • The first time Julie noticed Rob was at a launch party, when Rob refused to accept an alcoholic drink , thus giving Julie an epiphany
  • Being clear what Julie wanted in a relationship
  • Having stereotypes in mind
  • How the beginning of their relationship very awkward, and how technology created a neutral ground with one as an introvert and one on the autism spectrum
  • Going for it if interested in something, especially if you don’t have anything to lose
  • How Rob knew if he had a relationship with Julie he would marry her, thus initially hesitating
  • Why Julie asked Rob to a dance and he said no began a relationship
  • Being clear with what she wanted, being open and tell other people, and putting herself out there and accepting the consequences without letting rejection hurt you
  • The energy of looking vs. the energy of having or finding, being focused on the lacking of something
  • The difference between being happy and then getting married vs. getting married to be happy, band aids for being happy, not depending on another person in order to be happy
  • Rob introduced Julie on the book of the law of attraction, Rob was more open to spirituality, what experience would come he would explore it fully
  • Forming a worldview that everything was the same
  • Developing a very deep relationship with books
  • Discovering books, and an encounter with an author while doing yoga at the top of a mountain, both of which that set Julie on a path
  • A moment of alignment and  realization at The Grand Canyon

058 – Ben Turshen of The Spring Meditation – The Law of Breathing

Ben Turshen

Vedic mediation and breathing work from a former attorney turned meditation teacher…

Ben TurshenImagine hating your job–something many people experience. Meet a man who decided enough was enough, walking away from a prestigious corporate law firm to become a Vedic Meditation teacher, dedicating his life to shepherding others to live their best lives. Ben Turshen, meditation teacher, joins guest host Jessica Brodkin [Episode 11] in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Three things Turshen does, Vedic Meditation, work with individuals on breath work, and personal coachingBen Turshen
  • How he was a corporate lawyer, and it ate his soul, but he practiced law for four years, had a breakdown in the first two weeks of law school
  • How his whole life experience was filled with anxiety and depression, which was fairly well managed until law school, and a red flag for a legal career, but still got through law school and got big job in major law firm but didn’t feel successful
  • A law course was taught being on the spot answering teachers questions, and how he was not comfortable in those situations, had anxiety attacks constantly
  • Lifting weights in high school made him feel more confident, went into college thinking he’d be in sports training
  • How reviewing a contract introduced him to law
  • Partnering in Spring Meditation
  • Mantra-based on personalized soundsBen Turshen
  • De-excite the mind and nervous system, to a place of rest, and why timing around meals may be better as a preference
  • Meditation is learned in groups, practiced on your own, different than breath work
  • Breath work has different methodologies, how Turshen chose which breath work to teach
  • Most issues are learning to breathe the right way—not doing that causes massive disfunction
  • The importance of working with people who want to work with you
  • A common theme is educating people on lifestyle and making them happier whether athletics or meditation or breathing
  • Deserving to be happy, and deserving power, and not a mental thing